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Best of the Best: Top 10 Movie Fights

Countdown of the Top 10 Movie Fights from the “Best of The Best” martial arts movie franchise starring TKD legend Phillip Rhee. Inc. links & videos.

Top 10 MMA Fighters and Their Training Programs

Explore the intense training programs of top MMA fighters, from unconventional approaches to disciplined techniques and gain insights for informed ...

Sho Kosugi: Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes

Article countdown listing the Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes of Sho Kosugi - 80's cult Ninja action legend. Inc. links & videos.

Kingsman: Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes

Listicle countdown on the Top 10 Kingsman Movie Fight Scenes starring Colin Firth, Taron Egerton & Samuel Jackson et al. Inc. links & videos.

Bloodsport & Kickboxer: Top 10 EPIC Paul Hertzog Hits

Top 10 listicle of the best hits from Paul Hertzog’s martial arts movie OSTs. Inc. cult classics “Bloodsport” & “Kickboxer”. Available on Spotify!

Top 10: Yayan Ruhian Movie Fight Scenes!

Countdown article on Indonesian, martial arts star (well-known for “The Raid” films) Yayan Ruhian's Top 10 Movie Fights! Inc. links & videos.

Top 10 Martial Arts Xmas Gift Ideas for 2021!

Listicle on the Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021, featuring books, films and training equipment for the martial artists in your life!

Cobra Kai: Top 10 Fight Scenes

Article counting down the Top 10 Cobra Kai Fight Scenes from the popular Netflix series, stars Ralph Macchio & William Zabka from the "Karate Kid" ...

Top 10 Martial Arts Movies on Blu-ray!

Countdown article of the Top 10 Martial Arts Movies on Blu-ray! Feat. Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Jet Li & Donnie Yen, in descending order. Incl. videos ...

Top 10 Gordon Liu Fight Scenes

Countdown listicle of the Top 10 Gordon Liu Fight Scenes. We take a deep-dive into this kung-fu cult legend's best films. Includes videos, links, ...

Top 10 Jason Bourne Fight Scenes

Article list counting down KFK's Top 10 Jason Bourne Series Fight Scenes starring Matt Damon. Includes videos, links, related-material and much more!

Top 10 Cynthia Rothrock Movie Fights

COVID19? LEGEND SAYS there's a dragon-monster behind it so let LADY DRAGON Cynthia Rothrock's Top 10 movie fights kick it! Includes videos, ...

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