“Mat Kilau” Out June 23 in Malaysia — Watch the Trailer!

Fans of historical legend filtered through modern martial arts fiction, should attune their radar to the upcoming Malaysian martial arts period movie “Mat Kilau”.

Directed by Syamsul Yusof, “Mat Kilau” tells the tale of a native 19th century rebel warrior, the eponymous Mat Kilau portrayed by Adi Putra in the film. Viewers can check out what the upcoming Silat adventure has in store from the trailer below, which also happens to include everyone’s favourite Mad Dog, Yayan Ruhian!

Yayan put together the action of “Mat Kilau” seen in the trailer above, and he’s certainly worked his magic again with a wide, and in-depth scope of Silat techniques and weaponry.

Naturally, Yayan continues to bring the heat as he reliably does in his career, as seen in the trailer. If Yayan’s career trajectory is anything to go by and from hints in the trailer, an antagonistic role seems very likely.

“Mat Kilau” seems likely to also be the formal introduction of Adi Putra to many Western viewers, and the trailer shows him as a capable action lead.

Quick flashes in the trailer appear to show his and Yayan’s character in combat, while the scope of the film looks to be positioning it as a fairly sprawling, historical epic with Silat at its core.

“Mat Kilau” is set to hit theaters in Malaysia on June 23rd. At the moment, there’s no word on an American, British, or other Western-release date. However, with the hard work of English-language distributors of Asian action movies like Well Go USA stateside and Trinity Cine Asia in the U.K., that hopefully shouldn’t remain a mystery for too long with Western martial arts fans eager to see the electrifying action that “Mat Kilau” promises!

Mat Kilau - movie poster - KUNG FU KINGDOM

Mat Kilau – movie poster – KUNG FU KINGDOM

“Mat Kilau” releases in Malaysia on June 23rd, stay tuned to KFK for more info including on its debut in the English-speaking world, as it arrives!

Excited for this movie? Are you looking forward to seeing what everyone’s favourite “Mad Dog”, Yayan Ruhian, brings to this movie? What are your all-time favourite Yayan Ruhian fight scenes? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation / share this on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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