Happy Birthday Jackie Chan!

Happy Birthday Jackie Chan! Today he turns…60! Born on this day in 1954 Jackie has risen to be a truly global superstar pleasing audiences the world over with his unique brand of martial arts action cinema, humour and slapstick.

He’s influenced not only us as an audience but also many actors, martial artists and filmmakers. Practically all the guests we’ve interviewed cite Jackie as a major influence on their decisions to start martial arts; this never ceases to amaze us.

We really liked his book, I Am Jackie Chan, not to mention films such as Project AWheels on Meals, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, Drunken Master and Armour of God, to more serious fare like Police Story and Crime Story.

That he continues to make movies and is so energetic is astonishing, more so considering all the injuries he’s had, all in the name of delivering crowd pleasing entertainment. In my view he remains unrivalled by his peers.

There’s not really much more we can say that hasn’t already been said about his contribution to culture, and Jackie being Jackie, there are lots of fan made tribute videos! Here’s a couple we liked:

Elliot is KFK's Web Content Editor, writer and lover of all kinds of movies, including martial arts ones. Favourites include The Prodigal Son, Magnificent Butcher, The Victim, Legend of a Fighter and the Ip Man movies with Donnie Yen.

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