“Furies”, Prequel to “Furie”, Trailer Arrives Online!

2019’s “Furie” was Vietnam’s action hit of the year, and thankfully for fans of the action-packed film, the tale of Hai Phoung doesn’t end there. The upcoming prequel “Furies” (Vietnamese title, “Thanh Sói: Cúc Dại Trong Dêm”) is set to hit theaters in Vietnam on April 22.

While Veronica Ngo won’t be seen in the film itself, her presence will most certainly be felt, with “Furies” marking her feature directorial debut. Fans can get a look at what “Furies” has in store with the official trailer below!

“Furie” (titled in Vietnam as “Hai Phoung”) saw Veronica Ngo as a former gang member turned single mother doing her best to provide for her daughter Mai (Cát Vy) while collecting debts.

When Mai is kidnapped, Hai Phuong is forced to return to the underworld of Ho Chi Minh City that she once left behind, fighting every gangster she comes across to rescue Mai.

Thanh Sói was the boss behind the human trafficking ring Mai had been abducted into, with Hai Phuong battling her to the death aboard a speeding train.

“Furies” will Focus on the Origins of Gangster, Thanh Sói

As the Vietnamese title indicates, “Furies” will focus on the origins of Thanh Sói as an up-and-coming gangster, with Dong Anh Quynh assuming the role from Trần Thanh Hoa. Additionally, Samuel Kefi Abrikh also returns to handle the action of “Furies”.

A pop star in Vietnam, Veronica Ngo first put her stamp on the action movie world with the 2007 period martial arts film “The Rebel”, alongside Johnny Tri Nguyen and Dustin Nguyen.

Ngo later reunited with the former Nguyen for 2009’s “Clash”, and the latter in 2013’s “Once Upon A Time In Vietnam”. Ngo’s also been seen in action-oriented roles like “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (albeit quite briefly), David Ayer’s “Bright”, and the Netflix movie “The Old Guard” along with its upcoming sequel.

“Furie” drew Comparisons with the John Wick Franchise

Still, many would argue that “Furie” was her finest hour in cinematic action and martial arts – a high bar to meet indeed along with her performance in “The Rebel”.

“Furie” drew many comparisons to the “John Wick” franchise, sharing a similar visual palette and equally intense fight sequences. In what was seemingly a quite basic kidnapping story, Ngo channeled the inner bitterness of an ex-criminal longing for the riches of her old life with the desperation of a mother determined to rescue her child at all costs.

“Furie” Showcased the Vietnamese Martial Art of Vovinam

The Vovinam-based fight scenes of “Furie” also made it easily one of 2019’s best martial arts movies. With Kefi Abrikh returning to handle the action, fans can surely expect great things from the action of the Thanh Sói-focused prequel.

“Furies” Veronica Ngo’s Directorial Debut…coming soon…!

Ngo making her directorial debut also makes “Furies” one of 2022’s must-sees for action fans. While there’s no word yet on a Western release date, Well Go USA got “Furie” out in the states on March 1, 2019, just a week after the film’s February 22 Vietnamese debut, in which it also became the biggest Vietnamese movie to date.

One assumes a comparable proximity in Vietnamese and Western releases is on the cards for “Furies”, so viewers in the English-speaking world should get set to date their calendars for the approaching arrival of “Furies”!

Furies - Thanh Sói Cúc Dại Trong Dêm - movie poster

Furies – Thanh Sói Cúc Dại Trong Dêm – movie poster

Stay tuned for more info on “Furies” release as it descends! Have you seen “Furie”? What did you think of Veronica Ngo’s performance and the film’s high-intensity fight sequences? Excited to see her make her directorial debut with “Furies”? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation, share this on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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