Veronica Ngo

Furies (2023)

Furies (2023) -KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “Furies” (2023), intense, Vietnamese martial-arts action thriller directed by and starring Veronica Ngo and Dong Anh Quynh. Watch it on Netflix!

The Princess (2022)

The Princess (2022) -KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “The Princess” (2022), US, martial-arts action thriller starring Joey King & Veronica Ngo. Dir. by Le-Van Kiet. Out NOW on Hulu!

Furie (2019)

Furie 2019 Kung Fu Kingdom770x472

Review of the Vietnamese martial arts action film "Furie" (2019). Starring Veronica Ngo Directed by Le-Van Kiet.

The Rebel (2007)

the rebel

If someone asks you what the first movie from Vietnam you ever saw was, the answer for many of us in the English-speaking world would be “The Rebel”. Although lacking in any kind of comic relief and ...

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