Baki (2018)

In the dynamic world of anime, where heart-pounding battles, larger-than-life characters, and intense martial arts clashes are celebrated, one series stands out for its bizarre and over-the-top action: “Baki.”

This martial arts masterpiece has carved its place as a legendary anime, pushing the boundaries of weapon and hand-to-hand combat to thrilling new heights.

The trailer for the first season below, shows just a glimpse into how wacky and brilliant Baki is.


Baki is insanely strong, so strong in fact that his journey and motivation in the anime is to beat his father. However, his father Yujiro Hanma is so strong he manages to shift his brain over inside his skull in order to dodge bullets.

The funniest thing is they are meant to be normal humans. No superpowers are involved, which makes this series a fun and interesting watch whilst keeping your attention riveted.

A Martial Arts Epic with a Rich Legacy

“Baki” is more than just an anime; it’s a legacy rooted in the manga “Baki the Grappler”, penned and illustrated by the talented Keisuke Itagaki.

This journey began with the manga and evolved into an animated series that covers the second part of the “Baki the Grappler” series. The animated adaptation is a product of TMS Entertainment, under the direction of Toshiki Hirano, featuring character designs by Fujio Suzuki and scripts overseen by Tatsuhiko Urahata.

It made its debut on Netflix in Japan on June 25, 2018, and became available worldwide on December 18, 2018.

The first season of “Baki” introduced viewers to a thrilling narrative centred around five inmates who escape from prisons across the world and journey to Japan. The series is more than just action; it’s a testament to the enduring appeal of martial arts storytelling.

Don’t Take Baki too Seriously…

Baki is as bizarre as anime series get, and a series where logic doesn’t apply too much. It’s something I have enjoyed whilst watching this show and somehow Baki lands a nice balance of bonkers fun whilst keeping you gripped in its story.

I have had lots of fun watching one-off episodes with friends, watching them laugh at how crazy some of the scenes were.

Most people I’ve recommended this series to have binged the rest of it by themselves and it’s great to see that the really wacky parts didn’t put them off totally from watching the show.

Baki Blu ray Complete Collection

Baki Blu ray Complete Collection

The Art of Combat in Baki

Baki excels in delivering intense fight scenes that leave viewers stunned.

Each confrontation is a masterclass in martial arts choreography, vividly portraying the distinct fighting styles of the characters.

Whether it’s Baki’s martial finesse, Oliva’s brute force, or Pickle’s primal brutality, every battle is an exquisite display of combat prowess.

I love how the martial arts used in Baki stand out and are demonstrated using a fun, clean and modern anime aesthetic.

A World of Martial Arts Diversity

The world of “Baki” teems with martial arts masters who have honed their skills to extraordinary levels.

From traditional martial arts like karate, judo and jiu-jitsu to unconventional and lethal techniques, “Baki” showcases the incredible breadth and depth of martial arts styles.

This diversity ensures that the series remains fresh and captivating as viewers eagerly anticipate how each fighter’s unique abilities will clash in battle. From poisoners to people who can slap the flesh off of their opponents, this is only a glimpse into what Baki has to offer.

The Baki series introduces us to a diverse array of fighters, each wielding a unique style, personality, and motivation.

The central character, Baki Hanma, is a young prodigy driven by an insatiable desire to surpass his father, Yujiro Hanma, renowned as the strongest creature on Earth.

Throughout the series, Baki faces formidable opponents, such as the relentless Orochi Doppo, the colossal Oliva, and the enigmatic Pickle, an ancient caveman resurrected back to life.

Here we even see famous fighters shown in a new light, for example, one character Mohammad Alai JR, has the speed and finesse of the great Muhammed Ali.


“Baki” isn’t just an anime; it’s a martial arts journey, a legacy, and an experience that continues to magnetise audiences.

Its evolution from manga to animated series, with its wacky characters and unforgettable moments, has solidified “Baki” as a fun and unique martial arts masterwork. It’s clear that “Baki” is here to stay, as a newer series called “Baki Hanma” continues the story with seasons only just recently released.

If you’re a fan of action-packed anime that pushes the boundaries of combat possibility and explores the depths of human determination, you should get yourself spellbound by the “Baki” series experience.

It’s available to stream on Netflix, so grab your popcorn, prepare for epic battles, and immerse yourself in the world of “Baki” – a place where only the strongest survive, and martial arts mastery reigns supreme.

Favourite Quotes

  • “This is the only move I got…and I have to take it.” – Baki Hanma
  • “Only by death is a true warrior defeated.” – Yujiro Hanma
  • “Strength is justice, and power is the key. There is no other way.” – Yujiro Hanma
  • “A real fighter fights with his fists, and nothing else. It’s a man’s guts and pride that drives his fists to victory.” – Baki Hanma
  • “I want to beat my father at full strength!” – Baki Hanma


  • Manga Origins: “Baki” originated as a manga series written and illustrated by Keisuke Itagaki. The manga, titled “Grappler Baki,” was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion in 1991.
  • Music Composition: The music for the “Baki” anime series was composed by Kenji Fujisawa, who also worked on other popular anime titles like “One Punch Man” and “Naruto.”
  • Itagaki has been working on Baki for over 30 years: The Baki series started back in 1991, making it 32 years old. Despite the fact that the often-overlooked character, Baki, has evolved and successfully resolved numerous conflicts, the series remains far from reaching its conclusion.
  • Recently, the fifth instalment Baki Rahen, was made – Itagaki shows no intention of halting the decades-long saga of Baki anytime in the foreseeable future.
Baki - Blu-ray - KUNG FU KINGDOM

Baki – Blu-ray – KUNG FU KINGDOM

Series Rating: 9/10

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