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Thunderbolt (1995)

Review of “Thunderbolt” (1995) Jackie Chan’s fast and furious foray into the world of illegal street racing! Co-stars Anita Yuen, Michael Wong & ...

The Flash: Interview with Fight Director – Mike Lambert

Exclusive, deep-dive interview with “The Flash” fight coordinator Mike Lambert, includes BTS insights and more! Movie releases via Warner Bros. on ...

In the Line of Duty IV (1989) – Blu-ray version

Review of “In The Line Of Duty IV” (1989), Blu-ray version. Hong Kong kung-fu actioner starring Donnie Yen and Cynthia Khan. OUT NOW via Eureka & ...

In the Line of Duty III (1988) – Blu-ray version

Review of “In The Line Of Duty III” (1988), Blu-ray version. Hong Kong action classic starring Cynthia Khan. Out NOW via Eureka & Amazon!

Royal Warriors (1986) – Blu-ray version

Review of “Royal Warriors” (1986), Blu-ray version. Hard-hitting, Hong Kong action classic starring Michelle Yeoh. OUT TODAY from Eureka & Amazon!

Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (2019)

Review of “Ip Man: Kung Fu Master” (2019) latest movie about the famous Wing Chun master who taught Bruce Lee, starring Dennis To. Pre-order NOW ...

Triple Threat (2019)

Movie review of “Triple Threat" (2019) an Asian ensemble martial arts action film starring Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and Tiger Chen. Directed ...

Knock Off (1998)

Review of action-packed, Hong Kong comedy film "Knock Off” (1998). Starring Jean- Claude Van Damme and Rob Schneider. Directed by Tsui Hark.

City Hunter (1993) Blu-ray Edition

Movie review of 1993's “City Hunter”. One of Jackie Chan's wildest action-comedies, released for the first time on Blu-ray in the UK.

Skiptrace (2016)

Movie review of "Skiptrace", directed by Renny Harlin, starring Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Fan Bingbing, Eve Torres and Eric Tsang.

Interview with Mark Houghton

Interview with Mark Houghton, martial arts master, stuntman, actor, and official guardian of the Lau family’s Hung Gar lineage, inducted by the ...

In the Line of Duty 4 (1989)

Movie review of In the Line of Duty 4 with Donnie Yen as a cop on the trail of a missing docker who's on the run from corrupt cops and CIA agents!

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