4 Ways Combat Athletes Can Benefit From Pilates

Combat athletes undergo rigorous training that isn’t for the faint of heart. The end game is always the same: to win. Because of the sport’s competitive nature, fighters often turn to uncommon methods.

Pilates is one such method that has its place in combat sports, so let’s find out how combat athletes can benefit from Pilates to see if it’s right for you.

1. Strengthened Core

The core is the chief stabilizer of a fighter’s body. It’s not just about having a ripped six-pack; it’s about functional strength and stability. A strong core aids in balance, allows for powerful movements, and helps prevent injuries.

Pilates emphasizes developing strength and stability in the core muscles. You will become a more powerful and steadier fighter if you use your core muscles throughout a Pilates practice.

2. Improved Flexibility

Flexibility enables you to move easily and smoothly, expanding your range of motion to improve your performance in the ring. A high kick or a deep lunge may be the difference between winning and losing, and both maneuvers require ample flexibility.

Additionally, flexible muscles are less likely to suffer injuries such as strains and sprains, two ailments that could keep you out of action for weeks or even months.

You can make significant strides in your flexibility by doing Pilates. Some folks turn to yoga, but if you’re deciding whether yoga or Pilates is what’s right for you, Pilates is often the answer for combat fighters.

Pilates gently stretches your muscles, increasing your overall flexibility without compromising strength. In Pilates, you’ll work on lengthening your muscles and keeping your joints mobile, which is crucial for your range of motion and injury prevention. As a result, you can maintain your best form for each match.

3. Enhanced Breathing Techniques

In combat sports, proper breathing is a vital component of success. Efficient and regulated breathing ensures that the body receives an adequate amount of oxygen, enabling sustained energy levels and preventing early exhaustion.

Additionally, it helps maintain rhythm throughout combos and motions, ultimately resulting in more fluid and forceful strikes.

Therefore, many fighters incorporate Pilates into their workout regimens. Pilates emphasizes proper breathing techniques, giving you more oxygen throughout the fight.

Properly trained breathing during Pilates can also sharpen your mental focus in the ring, giving you the upper hand on your opponent.

4. Better Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating one’s body is an essential component of the performance of any athlete, and fighters are no different. After enduring a grueling battle or accident, the human body needs time to heal and recuperate.

Pilates exercises are perfect for fighters healing from injuries. Pilates uses regulated movements that have a minimal effect on the body and allow for moderate strengthening without applying too much stress. Ultimately, Pilates plays a role in healing your physical body while calming your brain on the mental side.

Learning how combat athletes can benefit from Pilates can give you the confidence to include it in your workout regimen.

Whether it’s to improve or rehabilitate your mind and body, Pilates will pay dividends in the ring, on the mat, or on the canvas!

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