UFC 5 (2023)

Publisher: EA Sports
Genre: Fighting/Combat
Year: 2023

Welcome to the wild ride that is EA Sports UFC 5! Get ready for a rollercoaster of familiarity and innovation in the virtual Octagon.

As I stepped into the ring of expectations, the game revealed itself as a nuanced experience, tossing strengths and shortcomings into the mix of MMA gaming.



The grappling improvements and the refined striking system showcase the dedication to enhancing the core mechanics. Yet, limiting the customization options for create-a-fighter (CAF) felt like a missed opportunity.

It does feel like it has been copy and pasted from UFC 4. I think this is unfortunate, as I’d liked to have seen more options and effort put into making your fighter look like, well you!


As I delved into the gameplay, the title’s “cut and paste” criticism echoed my sentiments.

While the new damage system and modified submission process injected a sense of novelty, it failed to break away significantly from UFC 4. The gameplay, while solid, lacked the revolutionary leap I anticipated from a new instalment.

UFC 5 comes with its own set of charms and quirks. The doctor stoppage feature, a new addition to the game, caught my attention with an excellent and realistic touch. It adds an extra layer of authenticity, reminding players that in the unpredictable world of MMA, a fight can end not just with a knockout but also due to the doctor’s intervention, as seen in some memorable real-life bouts.

However, the game’s price tag felt a tad steep, especially without additional characters. The gameplay, though solid, lacked the distinctiveness that would make me feel like I was engaging with an entirely new iteration. UFC 5 didn’t quite break free from the shadow of its predecessor, UFC 4.

Iconic Showdowns

Have you ever wondered how a Mike Tyson vs Bruce Lee fight would go? Well, you can try out your all-time favourite fighters against each other in the digital realm of UFC 5.

It has several cool features but, it’s not too much different from its predecessor, UFC 4.

The roster, though impressive with its line-up of renowned fighters, left me yearning for a breath of fresh air with no new additions upon release.

The absence of certain features, such as the ability to clinch grapple against the cage, felt like a step back in the series’ evolution. However, iconic fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson brought a comforting sense of continuity.

Also, alter egos have been introduced to give a new approach to fighters, snapping them at different times in their careers.

With Alter egos origins, we can see our favourite fighters at the start of their UFC journeys, sporting a new way to play fighters like Jon Jones and Sean O’Malley.

Glitch Goblins…

One unexpected aspect that added a dash of humour to the experience was the plethora of glitch videos circulating online.

This can be where a clear KO turns into an amusing doctor stoppage check due to some facial cuts. It’s a new feature where fights can be stopped due to the onsite doctor stopping the bout due to too many cuts on the face.

This can be turned off in the settings which is a pleasant touch for those who aren’t a fan of this new feature. These moments of unintended hilarity remind us of the unpredictable nature of gaming.

I haven’t encountered too many glitches like this one; however, a few bugs have been apparent in my games that feature animations. For example some rotating elbows furiously out of their sockets before returning perfectly to normal form, NOTHING that disrupts the game too much.

And although it takes some of the realism out of the game, it is to be expected. Introducing innovative features often comes at the expense of encountering occasional hiccups, but it’s a trade-off that underscores the game’s boldness in pushing boundaries.


With a personal rating of 7 out of 10, UFC 5 emerges as a solid but not ground-breaking entry in the series. It struggles to justify its price point and feels more like an extension of UFC 4 than a true evolution.

Yet, the doctor stoppage feature and glitchy escapades offer glimpses of uniqueness, making the game an engaging, but not entirely transformative, addition to the MMA gaming arena.



Game Rating: 7/10

UFC 5 is available to buy on PS5 and Xbox from Amazon!

So there you have it, fight enthusiasts! A comprehensive look at some of the highlights in UFC 5. Do you believe UFC 5 has positioned itself as a game-changer in the MMA gaming world?

Which feature or improvement impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments below; and let’s keep the excitement flowing across social media! Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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