Tekken 8 (2024)

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Genre: Fighting
Year: 2024

Get ready for the next battle as we dive into Bandai Namco’s TEKKEN 8 review! TEKKEN 8 ascends as an unparalleled masterpiece, seamlessly merging tradition with innovation to deliver an unrivalled experience in the realm of virtual combat.

Fans have been waiting almost nine years for this instalment, and boy, have Bandai delivered! Read the rest of this article to find out what makes this game so special and what sets it apart from its competitors in the fighting game arena.



As I entered the arena of TEKKEN 8, the game unfolded as a dynamic fusion of the familiar and the innovative, weaving strong gameplay mechanics and awesome-looking graphics into a tapestry called TEKKEN 8.

The customization options for characters in TEKKEN 8 are nothing short of extraordinary.

The depth and breadth of choices allow players to craft fighters that reflect their vision. From unique fighting styles to an extensive array of outfits and accessories, TEKKEN 8 stands out as a paragon of creative freedom.

The freedom extends to many options where many players have already spent hours developing and copying some of their favourite characters from outside of TEKKEN into the game.

Every Character Boasts an Extensive Arsenal of Moves and Combos

This freedom extends seamlessly into gameplay, where every character boasts an extensive arsenal of moves and combinations.

This diversity allows players to explore various playstyles and approaches, ensuring that each encounter is uniquely dynamic and ripe with strategic possibilities.

Unlike its predecessor, TEKKEN 7, which introduced the robust Rage system, TEKKEN 8 refines and expands upon the core mechanics with the all-new HEAT system.

Fighting Mechanics Make it a Joy to Pick Up

The fighting mechanics balance accessibility for newcomers and depth for seasoned veterans, making it a joy to pick up and play while offering strategic nuances for those seeking mastery.

Another one of the standout features is the expanded roster, boasting a diverse array of characters, both returning favourites and intriguing newcomers.

Each fighter is meticulously animated, showcasing the attention to detail that has become synonymous with the TEKKEN franchise. The announcements of upcoming characters that will be introduced as DLC is making the universe of TEKKEN 8 even more enjoyable!

The New Characters are Fun, Wacky and Well Thought-out

The new characters are fun, wacky and well thought-out, integrating into the cast superbly in a way that makes sense.

It never feels like a character has just been thrown in; they all integrate, and fighting styles and moves are sometimes spotted in more than one character’s repertoire, making you wonder how they are connected with that character.

One such is Kuma, a bear with an Electric Wind God Fist, a terrifying uppercut mastered by the Mishima family.

Those new and unfamiliar to the game will want to know more about the characters and their relationships giving depth to each of them.

Not only that but I, for one, love the new announcer they have introduced to this game.

The energy and passion has given us a new aspect of the game that we, as TEKKEN fans, didn’t even know we needed! This innovation and attempt to push the game’s boundaries with new elements

have helped this game become even better than expected!


TEKKEN 8 elevates the gameplay with new features that breathe fresh life into the series.

Introducing interactive environments adds an extra layer of strategy, allowing players to leverage their surroundings for offensive and defensive manoeuvres.

The pacing is exhilarating, and the responsiveness of controls enhances the overall fluidity of combat.

Introducing the ‘heat’ system makes air combos longer but not too overwhelming. They are giving a more offensive style of combat where games feel like they happen so quickly, leaving you wanting more and more.

Tekken 8 Sets a New Standard for Both Online and Offline Gameplay

The netcode ensures a smooth and responsive online experience, allowing players to engage in thrilling matches against opponents worldwide.

Offline modes, too, spotlight the game’s prowess with crisp graphics, precise controls, and a level of polish that is truly jaw dropping.

At times we see some frames drop with some lag depending on internet connection speed, however, TEKKEN has a small indicator at the bottom of the screen displaying how many of these frames will be interrupted because of the internet issues with either player.

This is a great addition giving you more of an idea of how to play in an awkward online match with bad connection issues. We saw this added late in the last instalment but it’s a great feature that continues in TEKKEN 8.

I love the online gameplay; it is crisp and fun, and the ranking system encourages you to rise through the ranks in order to be matched with high-level TEKKEN players.

Game Modes Galore

In TEKKEN 8, an array of game play modes await, each a testament to the game’s depth and versatility.

TEKKEN 8’s narrative-driven story mode stands as a testament to the game’s commitment to storytelling, and it feels like a massive leap for the TEKKEN series.

The saga of the Mishima Zaibatsu unfolds with cinematic brilliance, immersing players in a gripping tale of family, power, and redemption.

Taking this to a new level in its own right, we see BANDAI introduce a cinematic story mode, which is done perfectly, in my opinion.

TEKKEN 7’s perspective story was told by a journalist, which didn’t make sense to me, although it was tolerable.

Fantastic Effort and Commitment to Include Every Character Possible

However, in this instalment, we see a fantastic effort and commitment to include every character possible in the massive family feud that drives the story of TEKKEN.

There are amazing cinematics and fun, unique story battles which simultaneously help you relive old moments and feuds. Especially in the last epic battle of the game, where with Jin, you play with several different move-sets from his family members. I won’t divulge that too much to avoid spoilers, but this is a massive treat for TEKKEN fans!

The Arcade Quest presents a challenging and rewarding experience while allowing new players to learn the fine mechanics of the game. Something TEKKEN games have really been missing from their previous instalments.

Also, creating your own avatar to walk around in different arcades is a unique and fun experience!

There is also an online lobby using the avatar, and you can simply approach another avatar and battle with them, putting you in an online fight almost instantly! It is a fantastic and unique feature which has been done superbly.

The character story mode delves deep into the lore of each fighter, adding layers of complexity to the TEKKEN universe, a familiar mode for old players.

Arcade Mode provides a classic-yet-exhilarating arcade-style challenge, and the inclusion of the hilariously entertaining return of the TEKKEN Ball mode adds a delightful twist to the experience.

TEKKEN 8’s game modes, with their narrative depth, arcade thrill, and unexpected hilarity, offer players hours of unique and versatile gameplay.

Whether you’re engrossed in the epic storyline, conquering the challenges of Arcade Quest, or enjoying the light-hearted chaos of Tekken Ball, each mode contributes to an experience that is as diverse as it is captivating.


With a resounding 10 out of 10 from me here at Kung Fu Kingdom, TEKKEN 8 stands tall as a triumphant masterpiece, transcending the boundaries of the fighting game genre.

Its crisp online and offline gameplay and an array of phenomenal game modes solidify its position as a must-have for casual players and dedicated enthusiasts. It’s the best Tekken we have ever seen and, in my opinion, the best fighting game available right now!

Should you encounter a formidable opponent named ‘HeadlessOhm’ unleashing intricate Yoshimitsu mix-ups in the virtual arena, rest assured, you’ve just crossed paths with the author of this article!

Tekken 8 (2024) KUNG FU KINGDOM

Tekken 8 – (2024) – KUNG FU KINGDOM

Game Rating: 10/10

TEKKEN 8 is available NOW for purchase on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Amazon and all major retailers!

So, immerse yourself in the unparalleled world of TEKKEN and experience the epitome of martial arts gaming!

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