Raid Crew Video Demo

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In case you missed it, The Raid crew, Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian and director Gareth Evans, show a little demo here at a preview screening of The Raid 2.

Merantau (2009)


Before the head-slamming hallway battles, machete-wielding criminal underlings, and bloodthirsty psychopaths unfazed by fluorescent light bulbs jutting out of their necks found in “The Raid”, Gareth ...

Interview with Cecily Fay

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With "Warrioress", a British, indie martial arts adventure movie released today on DVD, we thought we'd check in with the lead star Cecily Fay who plays the role of the heroine Boudiccu. With an ...

Interview with Gareth Evans

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Welsh director, Gareth Evans, 33, is becoming world renowned for bringing the Indonesian martial art style of silat to the big screen. His first movie outing "Merantau" (2009) was an eye opening ...

The Raid 2 – First Impressions

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We were fortunate to attend a screening last night of The Raid 2, what else can we say folks, you're in for a riot of mind blowing, symphonic mayhem - (with some extraordinary camera angles!) finely ...

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