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Interview with Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis

Cengiz Dervis is a British martial arts master and former three time world kickboxing champion who is trained in Shen Chi Do (a combination of Kuk Sool Won, Hapkido, and Taekwondo) Muay Thai, Wing ...

Interview with David Yeung

Interview with David Yeung Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

David Yeung: “I strove to continually improve on all fronts and sending the message to people that you can transform your body if you’re really determined to.  Don’t say “I can’t” or “maybe”, or ...

Interview with Keith Strandberg

Keith Strandberg1

Ever seen movies like "No Retreat, No Surrender" (1, 2 and 3), "King of The Kickboxers" and "Bloodmoon"?  Didn't you just relish those movies as a teen and youngster for their fun, fresh, exciting, ...

Interview with Teddy Chen!

Teddy Chen

We had the privilege of interviewing “Kung Fu Jungle” director, Teddy Chen in London following the world première of the movie. Teddy is a Hong Kong film director, producer, writer and actor who has ...

Interview with Michelle Bai

Michelle Bai

As part of the world premiere of Donnie Yen’s latest action-thriller “Kung Fu Jungle”, Kung Fu Kingdom was invited to interview actress Michelle Bai, who plays Donnie’s love interest in the film. ...

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