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Interview with Shifu Yan Lei

Shifu Yan Lei

In this exclusive interview, we bring you Shaolin Kung-fu Master, Shifu Yan Lei ('Lei' meaning 'thunder') a 34th generation fighting disciple. He is among the most respected and renowned teachers of ...

Interview with Reshat Mati

Reshat mati

At just 16 with an incredible 29 title belts to his credit Reshat is a standout phenomenon in the martial arts world. Nicknamed 'Punch Baby' from his earliest days of action in the crib, 'The ...

Meeting a legend – Hwang Jang-lee

Hwang Jang lee

Kung-fu Kingdom's Glen Stanway and Raj Khedun (pictured above) had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing THE legendary super-kicker of martial arts cinema, the mighty Hwang Jang-lee! Hwang was in ...

Interview with Aaron Gassor


If you're into martial arts, leaps, jumps and tricks you're in for a real treat now, we're really pleased to bring you an interview with Aaron "Ginger Ninja Trickster" Gassor! Here is an exciting, ...

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