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Mayhem! (2024)

Mayhem! (2024) KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “Mayhem!”(aka “Farang”) 2024, new, high-energy, French / Thai martial arts movie, starring Nassim Lyes. See it now on Amazon!

My Name (2021)

My Name (2021) -KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “My Name” (2021), South Korean, noir-style action thriller starring Han So-hee, directed by Kim Jin-min. See it this Xmas on Netflix!

Ballerina (2023)

Ballerina (2023) -KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “Ballerina” (2023), South Korean action thriller starring Jeon Jong-seo. Directed by Lee Chung-hyun. Watch it now on Netflix!

Castle Falls (2021)

Castle Falls (2021) - KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of "Castle Falls" (2021), against-the-clock, action-thriller starring Dolph Lundgren, and Scott Adkins. Out today, Dec. 3, via Shout! Studios.

The Fatal Raid (2019)

The Fatal Raid (2019) - KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “The Fatal Raid” (2019), action-packed, ballistic, cops 'n' gangsters extravaganza. Stars Jade Leung & Patrick Tam, out August 24th, on Blu-ray & VOD via Well Go USA!

Raging Fire (2021)

Raging Fire 2021 - KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “Raging Fire” (2021), action-thriller starring Donnie Yen & Nicholas Tse. Final film directed by the late Benny Chan, OUT TODAY in U.S. theaters!

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