Sage Northcutt: A Warrior’s Return to ONE Championship in 2024

Few names have made such a resounding comeback to the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as our “Super Sage” Northcutt. Once touted as a future UFC star, Northcutt is back in the ring, fighting not just for titles but for the love of the sport that has been his life’s passion.

After a brief hiatus following the end of his UFC contract in 2018, Sage made a remarkable return to the ONE Championship this year. His journey is not just a story of punches and roundhouse kicks but a tale of resilience and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

This article delves into Northcutt’s return to the ONE Championship, exploring the highs, lows, and everything in between.

The Tough Road Back to ONE Championship

Northcutt’s road back to the ONE Championship was anything but smooth. After suffering a knockout defeat and subsequent serious facial injuries in his first appearance in the octagon, he was sidelined for an extended period. During this time, he faced the further challenge of a debilitating bout of COVID-19.
Nonetheless, Northcutt’s determination never wavered. He tenaciously fought his way back to fitness and form, finally returning to the ONE stage with an emphatic win, making a statement that echoed through the MMA world. And now, he stands on the threshold of a major showdown with veteran fighter Shinya Aoki, an exciting prospect for all fans of the sport.

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Northcutt’s Stellar Return

Northcutt’s comeback fight at ONE Fight Night 10 was spectacular.

He made a triumphant return to the octagon, fighting on home soil, and treated fans to an adrenaline-fueled performance that ended with a quick, and decisive victory.

Within a mere 39 seconds, Northcutt forced Ahmed Mujtaba to submit with a sharp heel hook, a fitting demonstration of his improved grappling skills. The fight was a testament to Northcutt’s resilience and a joyful celebration of his comeback.

It wasn’t just a victory for Northcutt but an inspiring moment for his fans, who had patiently awaited his return to the sport he loves. This triumph solidifies Northcutt’s place in ONE Championship and sets the stage for his upcoming faceoff with Shinya Aoki, a matchup eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

Northcutt vs. Aoki at ONE 165

The much-anticipated bout between Northcutt and Shinya Aoki is set to take centre stage at ONE 165, taking place at Tokyo’s Ariake Arena on January 28, 2024. This contest marks Northcutt’s pursuit of consecutive victories as a ONE Championship fighter, which will undoubtedly etch his name deeper into the annals of MMA history.
Aoki, a seasoned 59-fight MMA veteran, will be entering the octagon with a point to prove. Despite a tough run in recent years, Aoki’s wealth of experience and proven track record as a former Strikeforce title challenger and DREAM Lightweight Champion make him a formidable adversary.

Their clash is a rerun of a previously planned event at ONE on TNT 4 in 2021, derailed due to Northcutt’s health complications resulting from COVID-19. As the circle prepares to host this clash of titans, fans are bracing themselves for an MMA showdown to remember!

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