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Help to finish The Gate!

Kellie Madison has completed production on martial arts action short, "The Gate" and needs your help to finish it!

The Joker and Harley Quinn vs Deadpool and Domino!

It's time to once again to pit a pair of randomly chosen icons of pop culture against one another in the latest installment of Super Power Beat Down!

Razor Sharp: Renegade trailer is here!

What would futuristic sci-fi thrillers like "Total Recall" and "Blade Runner" look like with a generous helping of martial arts action thrown in? ...

Episode One of Clandestine debuts

It used to be that episodic storytelling was strictly the domain of television shows. Not anymore with the arrival of YouTube and the internet ...

Happy Birthday Bey Logan!

Happy Birthday to Bey Logan who turns 53 today! He's a man who doesn't need much of an introduction, especially if you're partial to some of the best ...

Jason David Frank: R.I.P. Farewell to a Ranger – A Tribute

TRIBUTE article covering the life and career of the late JASON DAVID FRANK, star of the POWER RANGERS franchise, and MMA fighter. Includes videos.

Fun Friday – Master Ken’s advice for “Kickboxer” reboot!

The upcoming reboot of Jean-Claude Van Damme's cult classic "Kickboxer" is shaping up to be a dream come true for martial arts fans. (Another Van ...

Bey Logan in Donnie Yen’s Kung Fu Jungle!

Fans of martial arts films, especially ones from Hong Kong, have no doubt heard at least one Bey Logan commentary in their lives. As one of the ...

Kung-fu Kingdom