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Kung Fu Hustle: Action Critique

Review and Action Critique on “Kung fu Hustle” directed by Stephen Chow, 18 years after its release. Includes video clips.

Cinematic Vengeance! 8 Kung Fu Classics by Joseph Kuo — Blu-ray

Review of “Cinematic Vengeance! 8 Kung Fu Classics by Joseph Kuo” (2021), fully restored on Blu-ray. Order NOW from Eureka & Amazon!

Top 10 Martial Arts Xmas Gift Ideas for 2021!

Listicle on the Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021, featuring books, films and training equipment for the martial artists in your life!

More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story (2021)

Review of "More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story" (2021), documentary about cinema's most-beloved karate sensei by Kevin Derek.

Duel to the Death (1983) – Blu-ray version

Review of “Duel to the Death” (1983), Blu-ray version. Influential, action-packed, kung fu, swordplay extravaganza, OUT 20 SEPT. via Eureka Ent. & ...

Pedicab Driver (1989)

Review of “Pedicab Driver” (1989) Sammo Hung’s classic and much sought after martial-arts action comedy. Co-stars the legendary Lau Kar-leung, Max ...

New Fist of Fury (1976) Blu-ray version

Review of “New Fist of Fury” (1976) Blu-ray version, Jackie Chan’s follow-up to the Bruce Lee classic. Order from 88 Films & Amazon!

Top 10 Martial Arts Movies on Blu-ray!

Countdown article of the Top 10 Martial Arts Movies on Blu-ray! Feat. Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Jet Li & Donnie Yen, in descending order. Incl. videos ...

Vitor Belfort: Top 5 MMA Finishes

Countdown of the Top 5 MMA Finishes of Vitor Belfort a former UFC champ, currently signed with One Championship Incl. related material & video ...

Spiritual Kung Fu (1978) Blu-ray version

Review of “Spiritual Kung Fu” (1978) Blu-ray version, Jackie Chan’s spooky, old-school kung-fu comedy classic! Directed by Lo Wei. Order your copy ...

The Bride with White Hair (1993) Blu-ray version

Review of “The Bride with White Hair” (1993) Blu-ray version, Ronny Yu’s mesmerizing romantic wuxia fantasy film starring Leslie Cheung & Brigitte ...

Be Water, My Friend: An Interview with Shannon Lee

Interview exclusive with Shannon Lee, daughter of the legendary, global kung-fu superstar Bruce Lee, including in-depth coverage of her book on his ...

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