Merry Christmas from Chuck Norris!

Jean-Claude did it, Channing Tatum did it, and now it’s time for the legendary Chuck Norris to do it too, to spoof Jean-Claude’s splits ad for Volvo Trucks, except Chuck outdoes everyone  by reciting from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and all thanks to some clever CGI from the guys at Delov Digital.

Warm wishes from all of us here at KFK to all of you this holiday season, and wherever you are, we hope you have a fun and enjoyable time filled with martial arts movies and karate chops.

Elliot Richards

Elliot is KFK's Web Content Editor, writer and lover of all kinds of movies, including martial arts ones. Favourites include The Prodigal Son, Magnificent Butcher, The Victim, Legend of a Fighter and the Ip Man movies with Donnie Yen.

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