Code of the Assassins (2022)

When you put together Assassins, masks, steampunk and conspiracy, what do you get? You get an extravagant revenge story on an epic scale!

Director Daniel Lee returns to the kung fu scene with this high-stakes political fantasy thriller.

In a world full of corruption, deceit and murder, Qi Junyuan aims to unravel the conspiracy and avenge his family in this kung-fu action spectacle.

“Code of the Assassins” is streaming now on Hi-YAH!, and arrives on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD today, March 28!



Feng Shaofeng stars as Qi Junyuan, a young elite assassin assigned on his first mission who must carry out his task with the help of his artificial hand ‘The Arm of Asura’.

Jun Hu portrays the general of East Mulberry’s Imperial Guard with conflicting motivations.


In an age where assassins are used as problem solvers, the most powerful organisation of assassins is known as ‘Ghost Valley’.

After completing his training with an elite assassination team, a young assassin (Feng Shaofeng) embarks on his first mission, but is quickly ensnared in an intricate plot laid down by powerful people pulling the strings from behind the shadows.

Upon failing to complete the assignment, he is forced to go on the run – from the government and rival assassin groups alike – as he seeks to unmask the players behind the conspiracy.


The assassins fight using a variety of weaponry, unique to their characteristics and are creative in their executions. Failure to react could spell the end, so this keeps the main characters vigilant, and on their toes at all times.

First Mission

The first fight scene demonstrates the director’s ability to build up the tension, select the right angle, close in on important details, and blend brutal realism with the fantastical elements of kung-fu.

The first fight scene not only introduces the chaotic tone of the battles ignited by a political force, but also the protagonist’s fighting prowess and determination by taking a massive leap of faith in his pursuit for revenge.

Black Judge

With a warning passed on to him by his former master, Qi must ready himself with the haunting threat of the Black Judge. Without showing his physical form, the Judge effortlessly dispatches one of the conspirators and his lackeys, living up to his reputation as potentially the personification of death.

Trapped in an abandoned pavilion with a fellow Ghost Valley member, unlikely pacts must be forged when the South Pagoda army storm the building and tear it wide open from the outside.

The set piece serves to showcase the assassin’s abilities to use the environment as a form of offence. With a surprisingly effective use of magic tricks and puppetry, members of the Ghost Valley illustrate their adaptive nature when boxed in and out numbered.

Fallen Angel

With the truth revealed and the mastermind backed into a corner, Qi went all in for the kill, for his time of revenge had arrived.

Easier said than done as the final boss showcases superior strength and advanced technology, illustrating his higher status.

With nothing but his resilience and ingenuity, Qi utilises the environment and improvised weaponry that gives him the edge in the battle to put a close to the conspiracy and the conflict once and for all.


Daniel Lee brings his decades worth of experience into this martial arts fantasy epic.

The fight choreography is remarkably enthralling, and creative, propelled by the director’s keen eye for a spectacle and having politics used as the driving force.

Fang Shaofeng plays the reluctant hero with full conviction. Having witnessed the murder of his family and his life spent training in the ways of an assassin in an elite organisation, Fang brings physicality and a daring nature to his protagonist as he navigates his way through a conflict full of elite killers and back stabbers.

The rest of the cast, Jun Hu, Qing Xu and Gina Chen Jin also give stellar performances, providing their characters with the right amount of gusto, desire and emotional fire.

The special effects are effectively showcased when used at minimum volume to detail the mechanics of each individual weapon and demonstrate their deadly force upon impact.

If you can handle the convoluted plot, this is a visual extravaganza, with complex characters and well-orchestrated action. “Code of the Assassins” is a must watch for fans of Chinese kung-fu and political thrillers.

Favourite Quotes

  • “Everyone who joins the Valley has a common goal, Revenge.”Qi
  • “Drifting along the stream, finally meeting a hero for one night of drunken oblivion. I fear we’re not destined for each other. Parting is such a sweet sorrow.”Qin
  • “I am Qi Junyuan with my mask on. I am still Qi Junyuan with my mask off.”Qi


  • Throughout his directing career, Daniel Lee has collaborated with Hong Kong’s top stars, including Jet Li in “Black Mask”, Academy Award winning actress Michelle Yeoh in “Moonlight Express”, Andy Lau and Sammo Hung in “Three Kingdoms”, Donnie Yen in “14 Blades”, and Jackie Chan in “Dragon Blade”.
  • This is the third collaboration between director Daniel Lee and actor Feng Shaofeng since “White Vengeance” and “Dragon Blade”.
Code of the Assassins on Blu ray and DVD KUNG FU KINGDOM

Code of the Assassins on Blu-ray and DVD – KUNG FU KINGDOM

Film Rating: 7/10

“Code of the Assassins” is streaming on Hi-YAH!, and comes out on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD today!

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