Brazil vs Russia – Undisputed 3 clip

In this frenetic, aggressive, high-energy duel of Brazil vs Russia, we see the Russian Boyka (Scott Adkins) take on Brazilian Santiago Silva (Lateef Crowder) who uses the deceptive dancing-in-disguise fighting-art of capoeira.

An evenly matched fight, we get to see move after move of impressive twists, flips, acrobatics and somersaults in addition to the usual kicks and hooks.

A breakdance ankle trip from the Brazilian puts strain on the Russian’s right knee, making it difficult for him to stand but he comes back with solid kicks, hooks and a heavy 360 degree twisting kick. Shortly after, Boyka applies a figure-four leg lock to upper back and head forcing the Brazilian to submit and tap-out.

Great match, worth watching again and again. We even see the nicer side of Boyka when he helps his opponent up to his feet and says: “good fight”, Santiago likewise gives respect.

Watch out @1.15 for the great inverted somersault that Boyka does off the top turnbuckle -enjoy!

Raj, a wing chun student, enjoys spending time studying various aspects of the martial arts, from theory to practically applied skills. He enjoys interviewing prominent and dedicated martial artists from all over the world, who have something inspiring and stimulating to share. He also manages projects in terms of filming, reviews of movies/books and other quality features.

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