Bloodhounds (2023)

Embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey with “Bloodhounds,” the South Korean TV series that flawlessly blends gripping crime narrative and jaw-dropping martial arts choreography.

Directed by Kim Joo-hwan and featuring a talented cast led by Woo Do-hwan and Sang-yi Lee, this action-packed gem takes you into the underworld of private loans and mobster loan sharks.

Get ready for high-octane combat, captivating character journeys, and top-notch production values that bring the heart-pounding action to life. Don’t miss the electrifying fusion of practical action and cinematic brilliance in “Bloodhounds” – a must-watch series for every action enthusiast!



Released June 9th 2023, “Bloodhounds” follows a story of two young boxers who are dragged into the world of private loans and mobster loan sharks.

Kim Joo-hwan directs the series which features a talented cast, where money, complex characters and motivations, and gritty street fighting takes the limelight.


In “Bloodhounds,” the main cast deliver exceptional performances that truly bring their characters to life.

Woo Do-hwan plays Kim Geon-woo, a skilled and determined boxer with a strong sense of justice. Sang-yi Lee portrays Hong Woo-jin, a young fighter driven by ambition.

Joon-ho Huh embodies President Choi Tae-ho, a cunning and powerful figure involved in shady dealings.

Park Sung-woong takes on the role of Kim Myung-gil, an enigmatic character with layers of complexity and Kim Sae-ron plays Kim Hyeon-joo, an intriguing and mysterious character entangled in secrets.

One of the standout aspects of “Bloodhounds” is its commitment to developing its characters and their interactions, seamlessly blending them with the action sequences.

Each fight serves as a catalyst for character growth, revealing their motivations, fears, and desires.

Through intense confrontations with loan sharks or life-or-death struggles, the characters in “Bloodhounds” are pushed to their limits, forcing them to confront their inner demons and make difficult choices.

The series explores the dynamics between characters, creating compelling relationships and intriguing interactions.

From the deep bond between Kim Geon-woo (played by Woo Do-hwan) and Hong Woo-jin (played by Lee Sang-yi), forged through shared experiences and mutual trust, to the complex rivalry and power play between Kim Myeong-gil (played by Park Sung-woong) and Choi Tae-ho (played by Huh Joon-ho), the character interactions add layers of depth to the narrative.


“Bloodhounds” showcases some jaw-dropping martial arts choreography that will leave you in awe. From high-octane hand-to-hand combat to meticulously executed weapons stunts, the fight scenes are a visual feast for action fans.

Each confrontation is expertly crafted, showcasing the skills and training of the characters. Whether it’s intense, one-on-one battles or larger-scale fight sequences, the choreography is both dynamic and highly engaging. The attention to detail is meticulous and the sheer physicality of the performances will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As the episodes progress, they only continue to improve. The camera isn’t overly shaky or dizzying to watch and you can see a lot of thought has been put into each fight.

From boxing to MMA, you can see much effort was put into showing and demonstrating the skills of each fighter. From Woo do-hwan’s lethal left hook, to villains who like armbars and a certain grunt constantly headbutting their opponents,you will find that each main fighter in the series has their own signature fighting style which plays superbly into the choreography of the fight scenes.

The fight scenes in “Bloodhounds” are a true feast for the eyes, emphasizing high production values and top-notch cinematography. The series spares no expense in creating visually stunning action set pieces that leave a lasting, visceral impact.

One particular standout sequence is a gripping fight that takes place in a subway, delivering an awesome display of choreography and intense, edge-of-your-seat action, although as mentioned earlier, the fight scenes do actually, progressively get better as the series goes on.

In the subway scene the characters find themselves locked in a life-or-death struggle within the confines of the subway, with some incredible choreography taking centre stage.

The fight choreographers and stunt performers have meticulously crafted a sequence that combines martial arts techniques, acrobatics, and expertly- timed moves. Every punch, kick, and block is executed with precision, showing off the skill and physicality of the characters involved whilst still maintaining a realistic and rugged feel to the fights.

Skilful camera work plays a crucial role in capturing the intricacies of the subway fight at the midpoint of the series. The camera angles and movements follow the action closely, allowing viewers to appreciate the full extent of the choreography.

Wide shots provide a sense of the scale and intensity of the battle, while close-ups zero in on the actors’ performances and the raw emotion they convey through their fighting styles.

To intensify the immersive experience, the fight scene in the subway is accompanied by an intense and dynamic soundtrack. The music complements the action perfectly, amplifying the tension and adrenaline. The soundtrack also does well in enhancing the emotional impact of the fight, immersing viewers in visceral, heart-pounding action.

I know I keep talking about the subway fight scene in “Bloodhounds” exemplifying the series’ commitment to delivering captivating choreography and intense action, but it isn’t the only one! With its impressive production values, top-notch cinematography, expertly executed choreography, stunning visual effects, and dynamic soundtrack, you will encounter plenty of scenes that’ll seriously blow you away!


“Bloodhounds” is more than just a crime thriller – it intertwines character-driven storytelling with intense action sequences. The show explores the dynamics between characters, forming compelling relationships and interactions. Notably, the action scenes serve as platforms for character development, revealing the depths of their strengths, weaknesses, and personal journeys.

From the deep bond between Kim Geon-woo (played by Woo Do-hwan) and Hong Woo-jin (played by Lee Sang-yi), forged through shared experiences and mutual trust, to the complex rivalry and power play between Kim Myeong-gil (played by Park Sung-woong) and Choi Tae-ho (played by Huh Joon-ho), the character interactions add layers of depth to the narrative and, in between all that you have amazing, well thought out action. What more could you want?

Also, it is funny! The humour in the show is top notch and there are plenty of moments which will leave you laughing out loud.

If you’re a fan of fight scenes, MMA, boxing and terrific action, don’t miss out on “Bloodhounds.” With brilliant fights, heart-wrenching scenes and compelling characters, I’m 100% sure you’ll have a great time watching this one!

Favourite Quotes

  • “Does money matter to you?”Kim Gun Woo
  • “This is the kind of person I want to be. A person who shows that dreams can come true if you have a strong will and undying passion.” Kim Gun Woo
  • “I don’t think it matters how long you’ve known a person. Knowing someone a long time doesn’t mean you’re real friends. What really matters is how similar your life trajectories are.” – Hong Woo Jin
  • “Grandpa told me that in order to judge someone’s depth of character, I should open up my mind. People with depth of character will see your earnestness and return it in kind, and those who lack depth will use that against you.” – Hyeon Ju


  • During filming, Actress Kim Sae-ron, who played Cha Hyun-joo, had to be removed from the series near the last few episodes due to a DUI incident. The transition was handled well, with another character stepping in to maintain the narrative’s coherence.
  • Director Kim faced many health complications during filming. He commented, “I continued writing while feeling dizzy and even occasionally threw up. However, even after the filming was completed, my body didn’t recover. I pushed myself to the point of developing four cervical disc issues and dysautonomia. Despite the challenges, I put in my utmost effort to make revisions”.
  • The lead actors of “Bloodhounds” have earned widespread praise for their extraordinary physical transformations in preparation for their roles. Woo Do Hwan, the talented actor, committed to a rigorous training regime, gained an impressive 22 pounds to embody his character fully.
  • Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yi dedicated himself to a disciplined weight loss journey, shedding 6kg, only to regain it later to accurately portray his character’s evolution throughout the drama. Their dedication to their craft is truly commendable and adds an extra layer of authenticity to the series.
Bloodhounds 2023 Now on Netflix

Bloodhounds (2023) Now on Netflix!

Film Rating: 8.5/10

Stream “Bloodhounds” and experience this adrenaline rush of incredible action choreography first-hand on Netflix.

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