Batman Ninja: A Look Behind The Scenes

DC Animation is renown by comic book fans for its innovative approach to translating the adventures of DC superheroes into animated movies, but the upcoming “Batman Ninja” is a truly unique animal indeed. Not only does the film adapt The Dark Knight into an animated film, it also sends him and his entire supporting cast, back in time to feudal Japan! The film recently held an event screening in New York City, but if you weren’t able to make it, fear not – DC All Access offers a short clip and a behind the scenes look into the film with some of its voice cast and creators, which you can see below.

While Bruce Wayne is certainly no stranger to animation, having been the subject of the long-running Batman animated series as well as countless animated movies, “Batman Ninja” marks the second time The Caped Crusader has made the leap to anime. The anime anthology “Batman: Gotham Knight” in 2008, marked our hero’s anime debut, portraying him in a series of shorts, with Batman -Kevin Conroy voices the character for the film’s English-language dub- battling enemies ranging from Deadshot to Killer Croc to the Scarecrow.

The film was released as a kind of loose tie-in with 2008’s “The Dark Knight”, and while not officially in continuity with that series, was designed with the aim of being capable of falling into the canon of any Batman adaptation, which technically means it could fit in with Ben Affleck’s current portrayal of the character.

Those trusty steeds come in handy!

Those trusty steeds come in handy!

For “Batman Ninja”, both martial arts and anime aficionados can see the exquisite attention to detail the filmmakers have gone to in enlivening Batman for both mediums. The fight sequences are arguably the best Batman has ever seen in any of his animated adventures, while the vibrant, colorful anime style of the film, coupled with the setting in feudal Japan, makes for a genuinely unique adaptation for one of DC Comics’ most legendary characters. Naturally, it’s no secret that Batman has always carried a distinctly ninja-like flair and aura, especially in his more modern depictions. For The Dark Knight’s legions of fans around the world, the opportunity to see him not only as a literal ninja, but in the natural setting of one, is truly a dream come true!

Batman Ninja does Japan!

Batman Ninja does Japan!

“Batman Ninja” is currently available through Video on Demand platforms, and has just been released on physical media in the US and will be available in Japan on June 15th. Excited for “Batman: Ninja”, are there any other DC FU-perheroes you’d like to see receive the animatronic treatment? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation and share this on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (Go on your own crusade and ignite your inner superhero with KFK’s news and movies!)

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