Unity International Games

The 2nd annual Unity International Games will be held at the Stoneleigh Exhibition Centre in Warwickshire, on 19th October 2014.

There are divisions for forms and fighting, including traditional, creative and musical forms, semi contact and light contact, and for the first time in Europe, ‘A’ and ‘AA’ divisions which will split beginners and more experienced competitors to encourage those beginners who wish to compete.

Grace Bruce

Grace Bruce

In tandem with the competition, a ‘Hyper’ zone will be running. In the Hyper zone seminars will be taking place, including the opportunity to train with well known and hugely talented martial arts stars Chloe Bruce, Grace Bruce and Luke Scott to name but a few. The events have been scheduled to allow as many competitors as possible to be completed prior to the afternoon seminars, allowing both the chance to compete and train if you wish.

The day will come to an end with the ‘Night Show’, which will feature the day’s top performers competing on a raised stage with professional sound and lighting for the Grand Championships, as well as top level fights and performances from athletes including Tyler Weaver and Luke Scott.

Further information about the upcoming competition and seminars are revealed through an official press release:

The unity concept was born out of our love of martial arts, in particular Sport Karate, and our desire to take our sport to the next level, to bring all styles and associations together with no politics and no bias and to give the competitor and spectator alike a truly different and exciting experience.

For the first time in the UK we are introducing ‘A’ level divisions in forms to encourage beginners to get started in competition. These divisions will receive the same level of awesome trophies that the more experienced competitors in the ‘AA’ divisions receive but will give the novice competitor the chance to shine themselves.

Luke Scott in action with his bo staff

Luke Scott in action with his bo staff

For more experienced competitors the ‘AA’ division winners get the opportunity to compete for Grand Championship trophies and prize money at the spectacular night show.

For 2014 we have teamed up with Hyper Martial Arts from the USA to raise the Unity Games experience to a whole new level. For anyone not familiar with Hyper it provides an incredibly exciting programme that teaches performance martial arts whilst staying true to traditional values. Already hugely successful in the USA and growing fast in the UK and the rest of the world, Hyper is a force to be reckoned with. Founded in the USA by Roland Osborne and Jason Morgan, Hyper is all about the athlete, promoting talented young martial artists and giving them the platform to perform and shine and to receive the recognition they deserve. A mission that the Unity Games wholeheartedly supports and the very reason that the games was conceived – putting the competitor first and providing them with the opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work and talent.

We will once again stage our spectacular night show where the winners from the day’s competitions will battle to win Grand Championships, alongside showcase performances from the top UK Hyper athletes, taking place on a raised stage, with professional lighting and sound this will truly be a platform for tomorrow’s superstars as well as being a spectacular and exciting experience for the spectator.

Information including details on location, divisions and how to register for both the Hyper and Unity events is on the website www.unityinternationalgames.com

Chloe Bruce does nunchakus

Chloe Bruce does nunchakus

Stuart Grimes

Stuart Grimes is a fan of all martial arts. He has studied Shotokan Karate for a few years as a teenager and also taken classes in Judo, boxing and Kickboxing. His children have inherited his love of martial arts and currently train over 12 hours a week, incorporating Chin Woo Kung Fu, Gymnastics and Sport Karate. His eldest two children compete regularly and either hold or have held English, British or European titles in the WTKA, WKU, ISKA, WKKC, WMO, WMKF and WKC, as well as a Unity International Games title.

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