Marko Zaror

Redeemer (2014)


Movie review of Redeemer starring Chilean action star Marko Zaror as a man with a violent past who becomes the arbiter of righteous, blood-soaked justice.

Trailer for Redeemer debuts online!


Chilean action star Marko Zaror is once again ready to lay the smackdown on all the ignorant masses who think that a man of his size and build can't soar through the air like Tony Jaa! For a little ...

Marko Zaror for Zambo Dende!

MZ pic 3

Conventional wisdom tells us that bigger men just aren't capable of the kind of speed and agility of people with smaller frames and less weight to carry. Then Marko Zaror came along to thoroughly ...

Undisputed 3: Redemption (2010)

Undisputed 3 Redemption 2010 KungFu Kingdom 770x472

Beware! This review contains spoilers. Martial arts cinema has long needed a character like Yuri Boyka – not simply another action hero adept with his fists and feet, but a man with both the ...

Kung-fu Kingdom