Tony Leung

Hard Boiled (1992)

Hard Boiled (1992) - KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “Hard Boiled” (1992), action-packed, cult classic, ballistic, gun-fu thriller starring Chow Yun-Fat & Tony Leung. Directed by John Woo.

Red Cliff (2008)

Red Cliff (2008) - KUNG FU KINGDOM

Review of “Red Cliff” (2008). An epic, Chinese historical war movie masterpiece, starring Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro & Zhang Fengyi. Directed by John Woo.

Hero (2002)


CAST Jet Li is “Nameless” a small time prefect and master swordsman, so named as he was found as an orphan and not named. Li’s character is based on real life scholar and swordsman Jing Ke who ...

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