Louis Koo

Paradox (2017)

Paradox 2017 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Review of “Paradox” (2017) the third instalment in the hit SPL series of films. Stars Louis Koo, Wu Yue, Gordon Lam & Tony Jaa. Directed by Wilson Yip, & action directed by Sammo Hung.

Call of Heroes Movie Info

Call of Heroes Movie Info Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Movie and press info for “Call of Heroes” starring Eddie Peng, Sean Lau, Wu Jing and Louis Koo, directed by Benny Chan with choreography by Sammo Hung.

Interview with Benny Chan

Interview with Benny Chan Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Interview with Benny Chan director, producer and writer of some of Hong Kong cinema’s biggest modern action epics including “Shaolin”, “New Police Story” and now, “Call of Heroes”.

Rob-B-Hood (2006)

Rob B Hood Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Movie review of Rob-B-Hood, a 2006 Hong Kong action comedy caper film written, produced and directed by Benny Chan, starring Jackie Chan, Louis Koo, Yuen Biao and Michael Hui.

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