Koichi Sakamoto

Extreme Heist (2001)

Extreme Heist 2001 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Review of “Extreme Heist” (2001), an incredible Indie martial arts & stunt movie extravaganza! Stars Johnny Yong Bosch and Jason Narvy. Directed by Koichi Sakamoto.

Broken Path (2008)

Broken Path 2008 Kung Fu Kingdom 770x472

Movie review of “Broken Path” (2008) directed by Alpha Stunt Team’s Koichi Sakamoto. Starring Johnny Yong Bosch, Dan Southworth and Motoko Nagino.

Drive (1997)

drive 1997 featured image

This review contains spoilers! Drive (1997) is an American made straight-to-video martial-arts/action movie which surprised critics and wooed viewers around the world. It was hailed at the time as ...

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