Jawed El Berni

Tom Yum Goong 2 (2013)

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Following his sabbatical from flying knees and falling elbow strikes for the peace and solitude of a Buddhist monastery, Tony Jaa returns to his throne as the King of Thai action stars with Tom Yum ...

Interview with Isaac Florentine

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Continuing with our Ninja 2uesday look behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Ninja II, we were still scoping the jungle depths of stealth when we heard a commanding voice, someone responsible ...

Interview with Jawed El Berni

Interview with Jawed El Berni -KUNG FU KINGDOM

With Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear being released in just a few days time and it being one of the most anticipated action/martial arts movies of the year, we just had to find out a little bit more about ...

Fighting Fish (2012)

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Fighting Fish Don't let the title fool you; this isn't a sequel to "Finding Nemo" or some other animated film about anthropomorphized aquatic creatures! It's the given name of a seedy underground ...

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