Sergei Pavlovich: Top 5 MMA Finishes

It’s time to witness the electrifying power and jaw-dropping knockouts of Sergei Pavlovich, a true force in the heavyweight division of mixed martial arts. With an impressive record of 18-1-0, the now 31 year-old Pavlovich has left a trail of destruction in his wake, earning his spot among the most thrilling knockout artists in the UFC.

Born on May 13th, 1992, in Orlovsky, Rostov Oblast, Russia, Pavlovich’s journey in combat sports began at a young age, fuelling his desire to achieve greatness inside the octagon.

From his early days in Greco-Roman Wrestling to his transition into Combat Sambo, Pavlovich’s path was paved with determination and an unrelenting hunger for success.

Dominating the competition under the Fight Nights Global promotion, Pavlovich displayed his unmatched power, demolishing opponents one after another.

With an incredible streak of 12 consecutive victories, he etched his name in the history books and claimed the heavyweight title with a unanimous decision win over Mikhail Mokhnatkin.

Pavlovich’s arrival in the UFC did not start with a bang though, he faced a setback in his debut against Alistair Overeem, however, it only fuelled his fire and ignited a sensational six-fight win streak.

Each bout showcased his explosive power, leaving fans in awe as he delivered devastating knockouts and climbed the ranks with unwavering determination.

What makes these knockouts even more special is that four out of the five featured in this list earned him those coveted “Fight of the Night” honours. Not only did Pavlovich deliver stunning finishes, but he did so in spectacular fashion, leaving a lasting impression on fans and critics alike.

As he continues his journey, Sergei Pavlovich’s powerhouse performances and knockout victories have solidified his position as a top contender in the heavyweight division.

Fans eagerly anticipate his future battles inside the Octagon, keen to witness the explosive force that is Pavlovich. So without further ado, let’s get into Sergei Pavlovich’s Top 5 MMA Finishes! (in descending order)

5. Vs. Derrick Lewis – UFC 277 (July 30, 2022)

In another memorable fight against Derrick Lewis at UFC 277, Pavlovich again showcased his explosive striking ability.

At 40 seconds into the first round (1:02), he connected with a right overhand that caused Lewis to stumble backwards.

Capitalizing on the opening, Pavlovich unleashed a barrage of punches, relentlessly rocking Lewis until he dropped to his knees.

Pavlovich’s onslaught concluded with a decisive TKO finish. A TKO Derrick Lewis felt was too early.

The range of Sergei Pavlovich’s strikes and the speed of the first overhand he usually initiates his onslaught with often remind me of rockets. The ‘Mega Man’ of MMA bombards his opponents with his punches from a distance which most of the time end in a first-round KO.

This time it was no different as the fight only lasted 55 seconds.

4. Vs. Marcelo Golm – UFC FN 149 (April 20, 2019)

First-round knockouts aren’t an unusual thing for Pavlovich at this stage of the list and it’s no different here in this fight. Golm got a great counterpunch at the beginning of the fight at 24 seconds in. Getting in close to narrow down the long reach of Pavlovich.

However, once Pavlovich began his string of straights, finding his range against his opponent, he couldn’t be stopped. Pavlovich finishes this fight in that exact way using an uppercut to finish the fight swiftly at 1:06 of round 1.

3. Vs. Shamil Abdurakhimov – UFC FN 204 (Mar. 19, 2022)

In an explosive showdown against Shamil Abdurakhimov, Pavlovich demonstrated his relentless pursuit of victory.

From the opening bell, he unleashed a barrage of strikes, showcasing his exceptional speed and accuracy. Abdurakhimov tried to weather the storm, but Pavlovich’s relentless pressure proved just too much.

With 1:10 left of the first round (0:24), Pavlovich sniped his opponent with a long uppercut, sending Abdurakhimov crashing to the canvas.

Undeterred, Pavlovich followed up with a series of ground-and-pound strikes, displaying his ground control and finishing instincts.

The crowd erupted with excitement as the referee stepped in to stop the fight, declaring Pavlovich the winner by TKO. With this impressive knockout, Pavlovich secured another Performance of the Night bonus, solidifying his reputation as one serious knockout artist.

2. Vs. Tai Tuivasa – UFC on ESPN 42 (Dec. 3, 2022)

In his encounter with Tai Tuivasa, Pavlovich’s short and vicious fighting style was on full display. Having a significant 9-inch reach advantage, Pavlovich wasted no time asserting his dominance ending up with the fastest KO on the list.

At 22 seconds into the fight (0:38), he landed an explosive overhand, rocking Tuivasa and forcing him to protect his face. Pavlovich then unleashed a series of uppercuts and straights, while Tuivasa attempted to swing back and create space.

Tuivasa’s panic seemed to be all out on display as a swing from him led him to spin himself around stumbling in a full 360 spin (0:54).

Then it became too much for Tuivasa as only a few seconds later, Pavlovich delivered a final bombardment of straights that resulted in a knockout victory with a long uppercut against the cage.

The fight again showcased Pavlovich’s consistency in finishing fights quickly.

1. Vs. Curtis Blaydes – UFC FN 222 (April 22, 2023)

In his recent fight against Curtis ‘Razor’ Blaydes, Pavlovich displayed his explosive power early on.

Just 25 seconds (1:15) into the fight, he landed a strong hook that provided a glimpse of his tremendous punching power.

Fearless in throwing a right overhand, Pavlovich initiated a flurry of punches 55 seconds in (1:47), demonstrating his willingness to engage in striking exchanges.

Although both fighters have wrestling backgrounds, a significant portion of the Pavlovich vs. Blaydes fight took place standing up, with both men throwing powerful strikes endeavouring to see who had the most power.

1:49 in (2:40), Pavlovich landed another big overhand, causing Blaydes to stumble on his knee.

Pavlovich continued to press the advantage, staggering Blaydes with a strong jab 2:15 in (3:10) and following up with another combination. The subsequent exchanges for the next 9 seconds were primarily reactions to Pavlovich’s unrelenting flurry of blows.

Blaydes attempted to change levels with a double-leg takedown at 2;30 seconds (3:26), but Pavlovich showcased his takedown defence, preventing Blaydes from bringing the fight to the ground. Recognizing the importance of resuming a winning battle, Pavlovich maintained his focus on the feet.

Pavlovich’s relentless assault continued at 2:54 in (3:50), as he landed several powerful straight shots and jabs to Blaydes’ head.

A long uppercut found its mark, bringing Blaydes to the ground, and Pavlovich wasted no time capitalising on the opportunity. He unleashed a strong TKO finish, sealing the victory with 1:52 seconds left of the first round.

So there we have it folks, 5 of Sergei Pavlovich’s best MMA finishes!

Do you think Sergei has what it takes to reach the top? Does he have the knockout power and ability needed to beat the champion, Jon Jones?

All those impressive first-round knockouts must win him a title shot soon; meantime, what’s your favourite of Sergei’s fights from the list above? Who should we KFK next? Let us know in the comments below; Like, share and join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram!

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