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Bruce Lee as a playable character in UFC videogame! Bruce Lee changed the world of martial arts in countless ways, breaking down cultural barriers between ...

Dynasty Warriors (2021)

Review of “Dynasty Warriors” (2021), epic, martial-arts, fantasy adaptation of the popular video game series. Stars Louis Koo & Carina Lau, now on ...

Double World (2020)

Review of “Double World” (2020), an exciting, epic-scale martial- arts fantasy action movie starring Henry Lau, Peter Ho & Chenhan Lin. Directed by ...

Top 10 Cynthia Rothrock Movie Fights

COVID19? LEGEND SAYS there's a dragon-monster behind it so let LADY DRAGON Cynthia Rothrock's Top 10 movie fights kick it! Includes videos, ...

Top 10 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Movie Fights!

List article ranking the Top 10 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Movie Fights in descending order. Includes videos, links and related material.

“9 Monkeys of Shaolin” Trailer Arrives!

Article on the trailer for the upcoming video game, "9 Monkeys of Shaolin".

Top 10 Martial Arts Movie Fights of 2016!

Article list covering the Top 10 Martial Arts Movie Fights of 2016 in descending order including video links.

One Piece: Burning Blood (2016)

Review of the “One Piece: Burning Blood” video game released by Bandai-Namco in 2016 and based on the Japanese One Piece World anime series.

Time Rush (2016)

Review of Time Rush, a 2016 low-budget independent action thriller written by and starring Dean Alexandrou. It features parkour, martial arts, shoot ...

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

In many ways, “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” is something of a 21st century “Big Trouble in Little China” - a flashy, colorful martial arts fantasy ...

Character trailers for Street Fighter V!

Street Fighter V is coming to PlayStation and Windows in March 2016, and both fans of the series and gamers on the whole couldn't be more excited!

Interview with Hibernum Creations

Read our interview with Hibernum Creations, creators and developers of Bruce Lee's smash hit mobile videogame Enter the Game!

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