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Why KFK is Excited for the Scott Adkins-Marko Zaror Team-Up, “Diablo”!

News on why KFK is excited for the upcoming Scott Adkins-Marko Zaror martial arts team-up movie “Diablo”, directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza.

Why KFK is Excited about Scott Adkins Joining “Kickboxer: Armageddon”!

News piece on Scott Adkins boarding the upcoming “Kickboxer: Armageddon”, directed by Dimitri Logothetis and starring Alain Moussi.

Scott Adkins Joins Iko Uwais in Liam O’Donnell’s “Warpath”!

News post on the upcoming sci-fi, martial arts actioner “Warpath”, starring Iko Uwais and Scott Adkins. Written and directed by Liam O’Donnell.

“One Shot” Sequel in Production with Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White!

News on the sequel to 2021’s one-take, military movie “One Shot”, starring Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White. Directed by James Nunn.

Scott Adkins & Michael Jai White Re-Unite for Mystery Project!

Post on the exciting news that martial arts stars, Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White are teaming up for a mystery project! Includes videos links.

“Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday” – Interview with Scott Adkins

Exclusive interview with martial arts superstar, Scott Adkins on “Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday”, an action-packed fight fest! OUT IN THEATERS & VOD ...

John Wick 4 Begins Production and Scott Adkins to Join!

News post on “John Wick 4” now entering production, with UK, martial-arts superstar, Scott Adkins joining the movie! Releases in theaters on May ...

Debt Collectors: Interview with Scott Adkins & Jesse Johnson

Interview with martial arts superstar Scott Adkins & director Jesse Johnson on the making of “Debt Collectors” aka “Payback” in the UK (2020), sequel ...

Ip Man 4: The Finale — Interview with Scott Adkins

Interview exclusive with martial arts action superstar Scott Adkins on his role in the last Ip Man movie of the series: “Ip Man 4: The Finale”, ...

Avengement — Interview with Scott Adkins

Interview with Scott Adkins, lead star of the fight-packed prison thriller "Avengement". Directed by Jesse Johnson.

Top 10 Scott Adkins Movie Fights

Article list counting down KFK's Top 10 Scott Adkins Movie Fights. Includes videos, interviews, and more!

Scott Adkins Joins Ip Man 4!

News article on Scott Adkins appearing alongside Donnie Yen in the upcoming "Ip Man 4".

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