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The Young Master (1980)

by guest contributor James John The Young Master Any true Jackie Chan fan should see this film, not only because it’s early, raw, prime ...

Drunken Tai Chi (1984)

by guest contributor Simon Rogg Donnie Yen has risen to become one of Hong Kong’s biggest action stars, but if you want to know where it all ...

Interview with Master Shai Hai

Ready to strike (karate stance) Master Shai Hai from Israel, is a 4th dan martial artist specialising in the discipline of Uechi Ryu karate. In ...

True Legend (2010)

Movie review of True Legend, a 2010 Chinese martial arts film starring Vincent Zhao, directed by Yuen woo-Ping which tells the origin story of the ...

Profile of Hwang Jang Lee

Profile of martial artist and actor Hwang Jang Lee, the Silver Fox, whose notable films include The Secret Rivals and Drunken Master.

The Valiant Ones (1975) Blu-ray version

Review of “The Valiant Ones” (1975) Blu-ray version, classic wuxia action film starring Roy Chiao & Sammo Hung. Order via Eureka & Amazon!

The Swordsman Of All Swordsmen / The Mystery of Chess Boxing (Blu-ray, Double Bill)

Review of “The Swordsman Of All Swordsmen” / “The Mystery of Chess Boxing” (Blu-ray, Double Bill), two old-school kung fu classics. Order now via ...

Jet Li: Heroes & Villains – 3 Film Blu-ray Boxset

Review of “Jet Li: Heroes & Villains”, a 3-film, Blu-ray Boxset feat. Hitman, The Enforcer, and Dr Wai. Available to order now via Eureka & Amazon!

Battle Creek Brawl (1980) Blu-ray version

Review of “Battle Creek Brawl” (1980), Blu-ray version, Jackie Chan’s slapstick, LOL action comedy classic. Order NOW via 88 Films & Amazon!

The Skyhawk (1974) – Blu-ray version

Review of “The Skyhawk” (1974), Blu-ray version. Classic, old-school kung fu film, starring Kwan Tak-hing as Wong Fei Hung! Order NOW from Eureka & ...

How Martial Arts Choreography Shapes Action Films and Stuns Audiences

Article on the evolution of martial arts fight action and stunts as used in modern movies. Feat. Bruce Lee Jackie Chan et al. Inc. videos.

The Flash: Interview with Fight Director – Mike Lambert

Exclusive, deep-dive interview with “The Flash” fight coordinator Mike Lambert, includes BTS insights and more! Movie releases via Warner Bros. on ...

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