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Project A 1 & 2 — Blu-ray Box Set Competition!

COMPETITION TO WIN Jackie Chan's kung fu comedy extravaganzas “Project A” (1 & 2) - Blu-ray version, uncut with extras! Available 29th October 2018 ...

Project A 1 & 2 — Blu-ray Box Set (2018)

Review of Jackie Chan’s classic swashbuckling adventures, “Project A” (1983) & “Project A Part II” (1987). Now available to order uncut, with extras ...

Painted Faces (1988)

Movie review of “Painted Faces” (1988). A fictionalised account of Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan's childhood in the tough world of Peking Opera training.

High Kick Girl! (2009)

Review of Japanese martial arts film "High Kick Girl!” (2009). Starring Rina Takeda and Tatsuya Naka. Directed by Fuyuhiko Nishi.

Top 10 Bar Fights

Article list counting down our Top 10 Bar Fights (from big to small screen, from Hollywood to Hong Kong) in descending order. Includes videos, links ...

Top 10 Bruceploitation Fight Scenes

Article list of our Top 10 Bruceploitation Fight Scenes featuring Bruce Lee imitators Bruce Li, Dragon Lee, Bruce Le, Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan in ...

Top 10 Martial Arts Movie Villains

Article list of Top 10 Martial Arts Movie Villains in descending order. With video clips and other related material.

Plan B (2016)

Movie review of Reel Deal Action Design's film "Plan B" starring Can Aydin, Cha Lee-Yoon, and Phong Giang

Interview with Keith Cooke

Interview with martial arts Hall of Famer, “Mortal Kombat” actor and fitness trainer of champions Keith Cooke Hirabayashi.

Interview with Sammo Hung

Interview with the legendary, producer, director, stunt performer, choreographer and martial arts superstar Sammo Hung talking about his work on the ...

Gallants (2010)

Review of “Gallants” (2010) a fun tribute to HK kung fu films of the 1960's & 70's starring Leung Siu-lung and Teddy Robin. Directed by Derek Kwok & ...

Tai Chi Hero (2012)

Movie review of “Tai Chi Hero” (2012) sequel to “Tai Chi Zero” starring Wushu Olympian, Jayden Yuan Xiaochao, directed by Stephen Fung, with action ...

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