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Survival Skills: What Self-Defense Training Looks Like in Martial Arts Classes

Discover the benefits of martial arts classes for self-defense, fostering mental resilience, physical fitness & overcoming life's challenges.

Martial Arts for Kids: How Kids Discover Their Inner Strength

Explore how martial arts for kids goes beyond physical skills, fostering discipline, confidence, and resilience for holistic personal development.

Black Belt Ambitions: How to Progress in Martial Arts Classes

Explore the transformative journey of martial arts, from foundational steps to achieving the coveted black belt, embodying commitment, growth, & ...

5 Dumbbell Exercises To Improve Your Martial Arts

Dumbbells are a versatile workout tool used by many. Wondering how they can help improve your martial arts? Try these 5 helpful dumbbell exercises!

Beyond the Punches: The Strategy and Science of MMA

Article on the complex alchemy of striking, matchmaking, grappling, and mental science involved in MMA. Inc. video clips.

GANAPATH: Bollywood Movie Starring Tiger Shroff Out in India Today!

News on Bollywood martial arts superstar, Tiger Shroff's latest action epic “GANAPATH”. Also stars Kriti Sanon & Amitabh Bachchan. Out today in India ...

Baki (2018)

Review of “BAKI” (2018), compelling, extreme anime featuring intriguing characters and jaw-dropping, bizarre martial arts action! Order on Blu-ray ...

Philosophies: Inside the Mind of the UFC Machine

Article on the fighting philosophies adopted by UFC fighters to gain the edge in their fights. Feat. GSP, Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes et al. Inc. videos.

Top 10 MMA Fighters and Their Training Programs

Explore the intense training programs of top MMA fighters, from unconventional approaches to disciplined techniques and gain insights for informed ...

8 Benefits of Orthotic Insoles for Martial Arts

Enhance your martial arts performance with orthotic insoles. Improved stability, balance, shock absorption, and injury prevention for a successful ...

American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987)

Review of “American Ninja 2: The Confrontation” (1987), martial arts thriller starring Michael Dudikoff. Indulge your nostalgia with the Blu-ray via ...

How Martial Arts Choreography Shapes Action Films and Stuns Audiences

Article on the evolution of martial arts fight action and stunts as used in modern movies. Feat. Bruce Lee Jackie Chan et al. Inc. videos.

Kung-fu Kingdom