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Liu Yifei cast as Mulan in live-action Disney remake!

Article on Liu Yifei's appearance in the upcoming live-action reboot of Disney's "Mulan".

Gong Shou Dao arrives online!

Article on the short film "Gong Shou Dao", starring Jack Ma, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, Tony Jaa and Sammo Hung.

Shaolin Temple 3: Martial Arts of Shaolin (1986)

Review of the action-packed Shaolin Temple 3: Martial Arts of Shaolin (1986) starring Jet Li alongside returning actors Hu Jianqiang, Huang Qiuyan, ...

Top 10 David vs Goliath Movie Fight Scenes!

Article counting down Top 10 David vs Goliath Movie Fight Scenes taken from various selected martial arts and otheraction films over the years.

Shaolin Temple 2: Kids from Shaolin (1984)

Chinese kung fu comedy sequel, Shaolin Temple 2: Kids From Shaolin starring real-life wushu athletes, Jet Li, Yu Chenghui, Yu Hai, Huang Qiuyan and ...

Lady Bloodfight trailer arrives online!

Article on the trailer for “Lady Bloodfight”, directed by Chris Nahon starring Amy Johnston, Jenny Wu, Jet Tranter, Kathy Wu, Mayling Ng, and Sharon ...

Shaolin Pagoda Forest

Those kind folks from the Shaolin Show want to share some bonus footage with Kung Fu Kingdom fans of the monks practicing skills at the famous Pagoda ...

Interview with Malia Bernal

Interview with Malia Bernal, a legend in the world of martial arts and who dominated the US tournament circuit in the late 60's and early 70's.

Shaolin (2011)

A big-budget, blockbuster "re-imagining" of 1982's “The Shaolin Temple" starring Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse, produced and directed by Benny Chan. ...

The Shaolin Temple (1982)

The ground-breaking film directed by Chang Hsin Yen, that transformed Chinese wushu champion Li Lianjie into movie superstar Jet Li, and led to the ...

The Jet – Sensei Benny Urquidez

Sensei Benny Urquidez is a kickboxer, fight choreographer and actor. Born into an athletic family; his mother was a wrestler and his father a boxer.

Red Trousers: The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen (2003)

This is documentary from “Mortal Kombat” star Robin Shou, celebrating the often risky careers of Hong Kong stunt performers. Trailer ...

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