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Muay Thai — Martial Art of The Month

Muay Thai, Thailand's ancient, lethal martial art is becoming increasingly popular due to the rise of kickboxing used in MMA. Let's delve into its ...

Heroes Shed No Tears (1986) — Blu-ray version

Review of “Heroes Shed No Tears” (1986). Action maestro John Woo’s explosive warfare thriller, on UK Blu-ray for the first time courtesy of 88 Films!

Kung Fu League (2018)

Review of “Kung Fu League” (2018). Comedic, ensemble homage to kung fu masters of China. Stars Vincent Zhao, Danny Chan, Dennis To & Andy On. ...

Interview with Tiger Chen

Interview exclusive with actor Tiger Chen on the making of "Triple Threat" (2019) "John Wick 3: Parabellum" & his role as martial arts trainer and ...

Top 10 Bruce Lee Movie Fights

Article ranking the Top 10 Bruce Lee Movie Fights. Includes videos, links and related material.

Kung Fu League trailer arrives online!

News on the new trailer for martial arts ensemble film "Kung Fu League" releasing 19th Oct. 2018. Stars Vincent Zhao, Dennis To, Andy On & Danny ...

Trailer for The Unity of Heroes!

News article on the trailer for the ensemble martial arts film "The Unity of Heroes", starring Vincent Zhao, Dennis To, Andy On and Danny Chan.

God of War (2017)

Review of “God of War” (2017) an action-packed Chinese historical war film starring Vincent Zhao, Sammo Hung and Yasuaki Kurata. Directed by Gordon ...

Paradox (2017)

Review of “Paradox” (2017) the third instalment in the hit SPL series of films. Stars Louis Koo, Wu Yue, Gordon Lam & Tony Jaa. Directed by Wilson ...

Top 15 Most Anticipated Martial Arts Movies of 2018

A list article counting down the Top 15 Most Anticipated Martial Arts Movies of 2018 in descending order. Includes video links and related material.

The Brink (2017)

Review of “The Brink” (2017) Max Zhang Jin's leading role debut in this gale force action thriller, directed by Jonathan Li.

Top 10 Female Martial Arts Stars

An article listing Top 10 Female Martial Arts Stars and why they’re amongst the best pioneers in the field. Includes links to further material and ...

Kung-fu Kingdom