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The Perfect Weapon (1991)

Movie review of The Perfect Weapon starring Jeff Speakman who stops at nothing to avenge his friend having been slain by an L.A. mobster.

Redeemer (2014)

Movie review of Redeemer starring Chilean action star Marko Zaror as a man with a violent past who becomes the arbiter of righteous, blood-soaked ...

Invisible Target (2007)

Movie review of Invisible Target, an explosive stunt-packed Hong Kong action extravaganza, written, produced and directed by Benny Chan.

Police Story Lockdown (2013)

Movie review of Police Story Lockdown with Jackie Chan. While visiting his estranged daughter he springs into action when he discovers a kidnapping ...

Interview with Aziz Cem

Interview with Aziz Cem, a dedicated martial artist, stuntman and choreographer from Istanbul who journeyed to L.A. looking to fulfil his American ...

Zombie Fight Club (2014)

Read Glen's review of Zombie Fight Club, an apocalyptic cross between Resident Evil and The Raid, starring Andy On and directed by Joe Chien!

Interview with Khalil Maasi

Interview with Khalil Maasi who share's his path in martial arts from Chappelle’s Show to his upcoming film The Way where he shows us African martial ...

On Deadly Ground (1994)

Movie review of On Deadly Ground with Steven Seagal as Forrest Taft, an agent defending Alaska’s native Inuit and the environment from a greedy oil ...

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)

Movie review of Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, the violent and gory cult classic starring Louis Fan Siu-wong, now restored for HD on Blu-ray and DVD.

Chinese Gung Fu: the Philosophical Art of Self-Defense

Book review of Chinese Gung Fu by Bruce Lee is about Chinese Martial Arts and concentrates on the traditional styles of Gung Fu, including Wing Chung.

Interview with Ocean Hou

Interview with Ocean Hou, a Chinese martial artist and actor, who shares his journey so far in becoming the martial artist he is today.

Interview with Amy Johnston

Interview with martial artist and stunt performer, Amy Johnston, who marks her debut as a leading lady in the upcoming action film, “Lady Bloodfight”!

Kung-fu Kingdom