Kengan Ashura (2023)

As an adaptation of the manga series, “Kengan Ashura” brings the visceral world of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament to the screen.

Produced by Larx Entertainment and available on Netflix, the series offers a modern take on martial arts storytelling.

While it maintains the essence of the source material, the adaptation introduces the Kengan matches to a global audience.



“Kengan Ashura” introduces viewers to a captivating array of characters, each with unique fighting styles and motivations.

Tokita Ohma, the protagonist, embodies the spirit of combat with a mysterious past that adds layers to the narrative.

Supporting characters like Nogi Hideki and Yamashita Kazuo contribute to the intrigue of the series, creating a diverse ensemble.

The cast plays a crucial role in making the intense world of underground martial arts come to life.


The narrative revolves around Tokita Ohma and his journey through the high-stakes world of the Kengan matches.

The series skilfully blends action, drama, and character development by exploring the political intrigue behind the scenes.

The storytelling keeps the stakes high, ensuring each fight contributes to the narrative.

However, the plot may feel familiar to those well-acquainted with the martial arts tournament genre.


The Love-Hate Relationship with 3D Animation

Personally, I struggle to get into anime that use a predominantly 3D animation style (let’s not talk about what they did to Berserk!).

I think Baki’s art style would be something that is more appealing to me aesthetically however; it does show some unique fighting frames here. Although I do find it hard to not think of PlayStation games like Tekken 3 animations when it comes to Kengan Ashura at times with its blocky static 3D animations.

The 3D style can be a double-edged sword, evoking a love-hate reaction from viewers.

While it allows for dynamic camera movements and detailed choreography, some may find it challenging to fully immerse themselves in the narrative due to the distinctive animation style.

The trade-off between the benefits of 3D animation and its potential drawbacks may vary among individual preferences but in this case, for me, it didn’t pull it off.

I really liked a fight in the anime which included lots of grappling and ground and pound.

Kanoh vs Naoya left me stunned and seeing a YouTube short of the fight is what got me into watching the series itself.

The fighting is really cool to watch at times even in the 3D animation style however, it isn’t consistently great looking.

Characters and their Fighting Styles

The series is good at presenting a wide variety of martial arts styles, showcasing the diversity of combat in the Kengan matches.

Each fighter brings a unique flavour to the arena, from traditional techniques to unconventional and modern styles.

This variety ensures that every match is visually distinct and keeps the audience engaged.

Sadly, though I didn’t enjoy the depths of the characters and their stories and never took an overwhelming liking to any particular character.

I think other anime like BAKI create a more engaging and interesting character roster by adding better character development and aesthetics.

A cool point of the anime however, is that each fighter has special moves which makes them strong in their own way. Giving a uniqueness to their styles this builds excitement for the viewer to see each fighter’s special moves.


“Kengan Ashura” is a modern take on the martial arts tournament genre, offering a thrilling journey into the world of underground combat.

While the 3D animation style and similarities with popular anime BAKI may be a divisive element, the series compensates with intense action, a diverse cast, and engaging action.

It is a commendable addition to the genre, but individual enjoyment may hinge on one’s appreciation for the chosen animation style.

With Season Four on the horizon this anime is set to be a popular series which could get even better as the seasons progress.

Favourite Quotes

  • “That guy died because he was weak. The weak die…isn’t that just the way things are?” – Tokita Ohma
  • “The objects of your true desire are always beyond annihilation.” – Metsudou Katahara
  • “I fight therefore I am.” – Agito Kanoh


  • “Kengan Ashura” originated as a manga series written by Yabako Sandrovich and illustrated by Daromeon.
  • The 3D animation style in “Kengan Ashura” is a departure from traditional 2D animation, contributing to the unique visual identity of the series.
  • The voice actor that plays Cosmo in the series also voice acts Meliodas in ‘Seven Deadly Sins’!
Kengan Ashura 2023 watch it on Netflix

Kengan Ashura (2023) – watch it on Netflix

Series Rating: 7/10

You can see KENGAN ASHURA on NETFLIX now!

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