How to Write an Excellent Movie Review Essay

You should know that “Parasite” received an “Oscar”, in the eyes of most, quite undeservedly, and in general, there’s a lot that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences does not understand about cinema. Here is a collection of (almost) all the necessary vocabulary for you so that you can write an excellent movie review essay about any film.

A good and helpful review can be written in four steps. You don’t need to invent anything: you have everything you need in your head, Wikipedia, and this article. Read on for How to Write an Excellent Movie Review Essay

Writing movie reviews is enjoyable, and most importantly, it’s stimulating English language practice. Someone pays money to tutors to check their essays, and you leave reviews on films and wait for the comments of smart people – they will definitely find errors in your essay, especially if they do not agree with your opinion.

Sometimes, however, the best solution is to get essay writing help. The reason is that professional writers work on those writing services. And talking about comments on the internet – you know that just about anyone can leave them!

Step 1. What is the Film About?

The first step is to briefly retell the plot – a storyline or even just a story. Just control yourself – don’t reveal who the killer is, or at least warn readers that there will be spoilers ahead: “Warning: contains spoilers”. It is not worth retelling the plot in full detail; it is better to describe the scenes (episodes) that impressed you most. Use the phrases “the scene where …,” or “the scene when …” to clarify the scene in question. Add your comments beside your retelling of the plot: whether you think it’s a successful plot twist; why you remembered this particular scene, why it’s important for the plot etc.

Step 2. The Characters

Imagine a movie comes out: as a result of a virus, tomatoes all over the earth have come to life and are now trying to destroy humanity. It is complete nonsense. But if Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are starring in it, then we will all go to the cinema. So be sure to say a few words about the leads. Supporting roles can also be mentioned if someone seemed particularly outstanding.

Step 3. What Did You Like About the Film?

The film doesn’t end with the plot and characters. Write at least a few sentences about other elements: the soundtrack, costumes, make-up, decorations, and special effects.

Step 4. Verdict or Summary

You already have the main part of the text; now it remains to be finished off effectively. Summarize your impressions in one or two sentences. You can guess who will like this film for sure, and who is definitely better off watching it. To make the text coherent and to make it immediately clear that this is your personal opinion (and not Wikipedia), do not forget to use phrases like “I think” from time to time. Just don’t be like Hodor from Game of Thrones and don’t endlessly repeat the same thing (which will likely put your readers to sleep)!

A Movie Review Essay Example: “The Platform”/”El Hoyo”)

The European films that appear on Netflix are quite often overlooked, overshadowed by the larger and more talked about American projects. With the Spanish dystopian horror thriller “The Platform” (El Hoyo), it turned out a little differently – it was noticed immediately. The picture differs from other films, frightening viewers not by monsters but by the actions of a person who is hungry.

A viewer sees the platform. There is an uncharted number of vertical levels, with only one room with a large hole in the center. There are two people on each floor, waiting daily for the arrival of a platform that temporarily fills the missing part of the cell and is piled high with food. Not all prisoners have the opportunity to get enough – only those who are on the upper levels are well fed. Those who are below, at best, get food waste. Once a month, the situation changes dramatically, and people who were at the very top may find themselves at the lowest level, where a terrible struggle for survival begins.

The premiere of the thriller “The Platform” was held at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2019. There, the film won the Midnight Madness horror section, receiving the most votes from viewers. Representatives of the streaming platform Netflix took notice of the audience’s interest and bought the rights to show the film.

In spring 2020, in a season that has turned low for cinemas, even little-known online premieres have become something of a big deal. As for “The Platform”, during the quarantine, it attracted attention with its eerie accents around which the plot is built. This is not only a selfish struggle for food, based on instincts and completely devoid of concern for others. It is also a social order that is precariously based on the distribution of benefits that change depending on unpredictable circumstances.

The film by director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia really resembles a social statement that makes you feel a little uncomfortable. It is quite an interesting effect for a debut full-length film. Galder took on a complex idea with a small budget and managed to create the darkest atmosphere that makes sense for the circumstances of the characters’ personal transformations in the film.

It is worth saying that “The Platform” is not limited to ‘psychological thriller’. The picture plunges into carnal horrors without hesitation, demonstrating the facets of madness in many physical manifestations. In short, it is better not to watch it during dinner. There is a lot of blood on camera, and this, perhaps, is not even the most repulsive idea to be contemplated in a place of ‘imprisonment’.

In the movie, you will notice a few more references and tips indicating how it is still worth interpreting the plot idea. This is important because “The Platform” is one of those films, towards the end of which one would like to understand what it all means. This movie is not just something frightening, it has its abstracts and isn’t completely understandable…

Everyone likes to watch movies. But unfortunately, not all are able to write great movie reviews. We hope that with this guide and the example narrated above, that you will be able to write a desirable movie review essay. We sincerely wish that by following these tips, your writing will be smooth, satisfyingly creative and carry impact. Enjoy…and trust the process!

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