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“Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday” – Interview with Scott Adkins

Exclusive interview with martial arts superstar, Scott Adkins on “Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday”, an action-packed fight fest! OUT IN THEATERS & VOD ...

Debt Collectors: Interview with Scott Adkins & Jesse Johnson

Interview with martial arts superstar Scott Adkins & director Jesse Johnson on the making of “Debt Collectors” aka “Payback” in the UK (2020), sequel ...

Ip Man 4: The Finale — Interview with Scott Adkins

Interview exclusive with martial arts action superstar Scott Adkins on his role in the last Ip Man movie of the series: “Ip Man 4: The Finale”, ...

Avengement — Interview with Scott Adkins

Interview with Scott Adkins, lead star of the fight-packed prison thriller "Avengement". Directed by Jesse Johnson.

Interview with Scott Adkins – An Accident Man Special

Exclusive interview with British action star, Scott Adkins at the UK Premiere of “Accident Man” courtesy of the Fighting Spirit Film Festival.

Interview with Scott Adkins

Interview with Scott Adkins about his passion project, "Accident Man". Releases on 6th February 2018, on VOD. From Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Interview with Scott Adkins

Brad talks to Scott Adkins about Close Range, and touches on Hard Target as well as his return as Boyka in Undisputed 4!

Interview with Scott Adkins, Part 2

For Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear, we've been hearing comments from people all over the world who have been moved beyond their usual depths at the sheer ...

Interview with Scott Adkins, Part 1

Happy New Year 2014! With Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear just having been released yesterday we realised our Ninja-searching efforts were coming to a ...

Scott Adkins Joins Iko Uwais in Liam O’Donnell’s “Warpath”!

News post on the upcoming sci-fi, martial arts actioner “Warpath”, starring Iko Uwais and Scott Adkins. Written and directed by Liam O’Donnell.

The Flash: Interview with Fight Director – Mike Lambert

Exclusive, deep-dive interview with “The Flash” fight coordinator Mike Lambert, includes BTS insights and more! Movie releases via Warner Bros. on ...

Interview with Marko Zaror: John Wick 4 and Fist of the Condor

Exclusive interview with Chilean martial arts superstar, Marko Zaror on playing 'Chidi' in “John Wick 4” and his latest homage film “Fist of the ...

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