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Warriors Two & The Prodigal Son: Two Films by Sammo Hung — Blu-ray (2022)

Review of “Warriors Two” & “The Prodigal Son”, two, action-packed, kung-fu film classics by Sammo Hung on 2K Blu-ray (2022). Order your double-bill ...

Three Films with Sammo Hung — Blu-ray (2019)

Review of the action-packed “Three Films with Sammo Hung” -Blu-ray (2019) feat. Iron-Fisted Monk, Magnificent Butcher & Eastern Condors, (UK uncut ...

Sammo Hung: Three-Film Blu-ray Box Set Competition!

Competition News: WIN a Sammo Hung Blu-ray Box Set feat. 3 films: “Iron-Fisted Monk”, “Magnificent Butcher” & “Eastern Condors”, FREE! Ends 20th Oct! ...

Interview with Sammo Hung

Interview with the legendary, producer, director, stunt performer, choreographer and martial arts superstar Sammo Hung talking about his work on the ...

Top 10 Sammo Hung Movie Fight Scenes!

A list of Sammo Hung's Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes. Here are some of the best fights from the prolific career of this legendary Hong Kong action ...

Sammo Hung announces Return of the Lucky Stars!

Article on Sammo Hung's upcoming film "Return of the Lucky Stars", the latest in the "Lucky Stars" franchise.

Top 10 Sammo Hung Movies!

Top 10 Sammo Hung Movies. A selection of the best movies from martial arts actor and director Sammo Hung spanning a career of over 4 decades, in ...

Fist of Legend (1994) UHD / Blu-ray version

Review of “Fist of Legend” (1994), Ultra HD version, Jet Li's fan fave action classic in stunning 4K. Order NOW via 88 Films & Amazon!

The Miracle Fighters (1982) Blu-ray version

Review of “The Miracle Fighters” (1982) Blu-ray version. Quirky, action comedy classic. Dir. by Yuen Woo-Ping. Order via Eureka & Amazon!

Life After Fighting: Interview with Bren Foster

Exclusive interview with hardcore Australian martial artist, Bren Foster, on his martial arts film with heart, “Life After Fighting”.

Top 12 MMA Movie Fight Scenes

Listicle countdown of the 10 Best MMA Martial Arts Movie Fight Scenes! Feat. Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins and more! Inc. links & videos.

Twilight of The Warriors: Walled In (2024)

Review of “Twilight of The Warriors: Walled In” (2024), action-packed, HK martial arts film feat. Sammo Hung, Louis Koo & Philip Ng. Dir. Soi Cheang

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