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Kill Zone 2 giveaway!

Competition giveaway for "Kill Zone 2", aka "SPL 2: A Time for Consequences", directed by Soi Cheang and starring Tony Jaa, Wu Jing and Zhang Jin.

Kill Zone (2005)

Movie review of the martial arts action thriller Kill Zone starring Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung, and directed by Wilson Yip.

Mental Toughness in Martial Arts: An Underrated Skill

Article on the importance of mental toughness in martial arts and how it's not about fists and feet but far more about the mind! Inc. video clips.

Profile of Donnie Yen

Profile of Donnie Yen. This amazing, talented martial arts action star has made some incredible films, notably Ip Man 1 and 2, Flash Point and Kill ...

The Skyhawk (1974) – Blu-ray version

Review of “The Skyhawk” (1974), Blu-ray version. Classic, old-school kung fu film, starring Kwan Tak-hing as Wong Fei Hung! Order NOW from Eureka & ...

In the Line of Duty IV (1989) – Blu-ray version

Review of “In The Line Of Duty IV” (1989), Blu-ray version. Hong Kong kung-fu actioner starring Donnie Yen and Cynthia Khan. OUT NOW via Eureka & ...

The Dead and The Deadly (1982) – Blu-ray version

Review of “The Dead and The Deadly” (1982) Blu-ray, Kung fu horror-comedy feat. legendary action star, Sammo Hung. Order your copy NOW from Eureka & ...

Angela Mao: Hapkido and Lady Whirlwind Blu-ray Double Bill (2022)

Review of “Hapkido” & “Lady Whirlwind” Blu-ray (2022). 2, action-packed, kung fu classics starring Chinese legend, Angela Mao. Out NOW via Eureka & ...

The Shaolin Plot (1977) — Blu-ray version

Review of “The Shaolin Plot” (1977), Blu-ray version. Uncut, old-school, kung fu classic with action from Sammo Hung. Out TODAY from Eureka & Amazon!

Equilibrium: Top 5 Gun Fu Fight Scenes

Countdown article on the Top 5 Gun Fu Fight Scenes from sci-fi action film, “Equilibrium”. Starring Christian Bale and directed by Kurt Wimmer. Inc. ...

Caught in Time (2020)

Review of "Caught in Time" (2020), gripping, HK action crime thriller based on real events, starring Daniel Wu. Out, Feb. 7 via Signature Ent.

Encounter of the Spooky Kind (1980) – Blu-ray version

Review of “Encounter of the Spooky Kind” (1980), Blu-ray version. Sammo Hung's ground & genre-breaking supernatural, kung-fu horror comedy, OUT 21 ...

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