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Jackie Chan’s Emotional Stunt Team Reunion!

Article on Jackie Chan's surprise, emotional reunion with his original stunt team (JCST).

Why KFK is Excited for the Scott Adkins-Marko Zaror Team-Up, “Diablo”!

News on why KFK is excited for the upcoming Scott Adkins-Marko Zaror martial arts team-up movie “Diablo”, directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza.

Kung Fu Stuntmen: Never Say No! (2020)

Review of “Kung Fu Stuntmen” (2020), a deep dive look into 60 years of Hong Kong stunt performers. Feat. Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung et al. See it on ...

Double Team (1997) Blu-ray version

Review of “Double Team” (1997) Blu-ray version, a high-octane action thriller, starring JCVD, Dennis Rodman & Mickey Rourke! Dir. by Tsui Hark. ...

BAFTA – Stunt Masterclass with Hong Kong Legend Tony Ching

Acclaimed Hong Kong action director and choreographer Tony Ching Siu-Tung talks about his life and work on some of the industry’s finest action ...

Z-Team Films debuts web-series alongside “Die Fighting”!

The times are certainly a-changin' for the men of Z-Team Films. The group, composed of martial artists and stunt performers Fabian Garcia, Lohan ...

My Stunts (1999)

Documentary looking at Jackie Chan’s particular style of action and how he performs his stunts. Trailer Cast ...

Red Trousers: The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen (2003)

This is documentary from “Mortal Kombat” star Robin Shou, celebrating the often risky careers of Hong Kong stunt performers. Trailer ...

Stunt Games – music video

Here is an upbeat montage for Stunt Games. It's an indie martial arts movie, the first made in the Canary Islands! Stars Steven Dasz and his twin ...

Interview with Andy Cheng

Exclusive interview with top-level stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, and Jackie Chan Stunt Team veteran, Andy Cheng! Includes videos.

Martial Arts Incredibles: An Interview with Philip Sahagun

Interview with Philip Sahagun, martial arts forms & weapons champion, 34th Generation Shaolin Temple disciple, reality TV star, coach at Cirque du ...

Broken Path (2008)

Movie review of “Broken Path” (2008) directed by Alpha Stunt Team’s Koichi Sakamoto. Starring Johnny Yong Bosch, Dan Southworth and Motoko Nagino.

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