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Profile of Carter Wong

Profile of martial arts star Carter Wong who learned traditional Chinese Kung Fu from 8 years old from Shaolin monk Grand Master of Wudang Chi-Kung.

When Taekwondo Strikes (1973) Blu-ray version

Review of “When Taekwondo Strikes” (1973), Blu-ray version. Martial arts classic feat. Jhoon Rhee & Angela Mao. Order now via Eureka & Amazon!

The Skyhawk (1974) – Blu-ray version

Review of “The Skyhawk” (1974), Blu-ray version. Classic, old-school kung fu film, starring Kwan Tak-hing as Wong Fei Hung! Order NOW from Eureka & ...

Angela Mao: Hapkido and Lady Whirlwind Blu-ray Double Bill (2022)

Review of “Hapkido” & “Lady Whirlwind” Blu-ray (2022). 2, action-packed, kung fu classics starring Chinese legend, Angela Mao. Out NOW via Eureka & ...

Cinematic Vengeance! 8 Kung Fu Classics by Joseph Kuo — Blu-ray

Review of “Cinematic Vengeance! 8 Kung Fu Classics by Joseph Kuo” (2021), fully restored on Blu-ray. Order NOW from Eureka & Amazon!

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

Movie review of US martial arts cult comedy hit “Big Trouble in Little China” (1986). Starring Kurt Russell and Dennis Dun. Directed by John ...

Hapkido (1972)

Hapkido Front Cover We take a look at a comparatively rare movie that has largely gone unnoticed in the canon of action movies, it’s one of those ...

Interview with Jawed El Berni

With Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear being released in just a few days time and it being one of the most anticipated action/martial arts movies of the ...

Top 10 Jackie Chan Movie Fight Opponents

Article counting down Jackie Chan’s Top 10 Movie Fight Opponents. Includes, video links and related material.

Top 10 Hilarious Martial Arts Movie Fights

Article ranking 10 Top Hilarious Martial Arts Movie Fights, in descending order. Includes video links and related material.

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