5 Reasons Why College Students Should Learn Kung Fu

When you go to college, the expectation is that you should focus on academic work. You have many papers to complete, including essay questions and research paper topics. You should write impressive papers to improve your grade, otherwise, you may not graduate. However, you should also engage in other worthwhile activities – so the question is, is it worth learning martial arts? Read on to find out!

1. Improves Self-Confidence

As a student, you’ll have many challenges to deal with. For instance, you may be undergoing financial problems, or your academic performance may not be so hot. How you deal with such issues determines the level of success that you can attain. Hence, your level of confidence matters massively!

Self-confidence means how you perceive yourself. When you think highly of yourself, it’s easy for you to navigate the various life challenges you’ll face. People who suffer from self-esteem issues find it hard to get motivated. Therefore, they may not achieve so much – they have little to no magnetic influence.

Fortunately, a student can use kung fu as a method to improve how they feel about themselves. The art involves mastering techniques to a level where you can perform respectable physical feats and defend yourself using the skills developed. With time, you can become a pro. The feeling that you gain from learning and mastering kung fu gives you a good feeling of capacity and competence – you know that you know that there is something you’re good at.

2. An Excellent Stress-Relief Practice

When you are pursuing your college degree, you may encounter a lot of stressful situations, for example, you may not be notching up impressive academic performances, you might just be struggling. You need to find a an outlet, a way to deal with your stress to live a more fulfilling life.

Fortunately, kung fu can help you to reduce your stress levels. Like other forms of martial arts, you are expected to focus on present situations as you learn. Therefore, you will forget about things that are stressing you out. In this cathartic process of focus, you begin to feel better about yourself.

3. Makes Your Body More Flexible & Improves Coordination

Your body can also be an indicator as to how you feel about yourself. If you feel like you have an unbalanced frame, you may suffer from self-esteem issues. That can also make it hard for you to focus on your academic work. Moreover, an inappropriate, unbalanced or non-effectively functioning body is unhealthy.

Kung fu involves different bodily movements. For instance, you’re supposed to understand where to direct your kicks and punches. Moreover, you learn how to escape attacks. So you see, there is a lot more to college life than just being among a group of essay writers!

What are some of the improvements that you are likely to feel?

  • Improvement in Posture
  • Quicker Muscle & Energy Recovery
  • Total Bodily Relaxation

In some instances, you learn how to defend yourself using tools. Therefore, you understand how to leverage your body to your advantage. In the process, your level of bodily coordination and perception improves.

4. Can Be Made an Integral Part of Your Fitness Regime

Kung fu can help you avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices. Most students seem to like sedentary lifestyles, it’s human nature to take the path of least resistance. All they want to do is sit around watching TV, playing video games and binge eat or Netflix and chill without being involved in worthwhile physical activity.

Consequently, they add weight unnecessarily and become susceptible to mental diseases (depression) not to mention physical diseases, including cardiovascular complications or early onset diabetes symptoms. You should not let things sink to such a low level.

When learning kung fu, you get involved in vigorous bodily movements, which constitute great and refreshing psycho-physical exercise. It leaves you feeling better and ready for the next or same day’s academic activities (depending of course, on what time you train!).

How does this fitness regime help you? First, it builds your muscles and ensures that you maintain a healthy body weight. Fat does not build up unnecessarily in your body. Additionally, you become healthier, faster, stronger and your level of immunity against ailments and diseases also skyrockets, due to your more extensive use of life force, (Chi or Qi)!

5. Excellent for Self-Defense

Although most colleges are safe, you cannot rule out chances that you may face an attack. For example, a simple walk may turn awry when you encounter robbers. If you do not know how to defend yourself against aggression, the attackers can humiliate or even injure you. Fortunately, you can use kung fu to defend yourself.

What are the important techniques you learn in kung fu? First, the experts teach you how to act in a life-threatening situation, such as when a person attacks you using a knife. Moreover, you also understand how to deal with your aggressors without threatening their lives. Kung fu advocates peace and non-violence, and you are only using it to defend yourself and not using it to go out looking for fights. (That’s what MMA and competition is for!)

You should never overlook the value of kung fu as a college student. It is an art that can help you tremendously; you learn how to defend yourself, improve your self-confidence, physique, become fitter and much more self-aware. It is also an incredible way to relieve emotional stress, enhance focus and overall wellbeing for success in all areas of life.

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